How to leverage the power and business of speaking

to move your business to and beyond

the million-dollar mark

Would you like to earn more money speaking

whether you’re being paid to speak or not?!

There’s no such thing as a free speaking engagement – every time you speak you should be getting paid – you just have to determine who is paying you… the organization or the audience.

When you learn how to leverage the Speak & Move Millions Framework, you’ll never have to worry about speaking for free again!

The Truth: Speaking is hands down the best way to leverage and scale your business to and beyond the million-dollar mark. Every time you speak, you have the power to turn prospects into paying clients.

There is a reason why speaking is the #1 lead generation and sales tool on the planet.  If you are not leveraging it to explode both results and revenue in your business, you need Speak & Move Millions.

If speaking is not a part of your business model, you are leaving money on the table.

What I've learned from Darnyelle keeps me booked solid!

“Before working with Darnyelle, I knew that I had a mission that I wanted to speak to parents to help them raise children that are high achievers, but my mission wasn’t reaching as many parents as I would have liked. As a result of working with Darnyelle, I became crystal clear of how to share my message in a way that would resonate with meeting planners, educators and organizations and I stay booked solid. I’m traveling to speak and now I’m even holding my own seminars and I’m getting booked on media to share my message! I’m grateful to Darnyelle and this program and my calendar is already filling up too! If you want results like this in your business through speaking, you need to get access to Darnyelle today.”



Most people are surprised to learn that 87% of your earning potential is tied to your public speaking skills.

Think about the world’s greatest business leaders – part of what makes them dynamic and inspiration CEOs is their ability to capture an audience with their story and presence as a speaker.

You and your business are no different.

Learning how to leverage speaking is your next best move.


I have had friends who went to learn from 'BIG NAME' speakers and they didn't even get 10% of what Darnyelle teaches...

“I was spending time traveling, preparing, and losing lots of money. Since working with Darnyelle, I have been able to get clear how to craft my signature talk. I have developed two new products to offer my clients. I have increased my prices and I have gotten four new speaking engagements and three new clients.

My advice – don’t hesitate to work with Darnyelle and here is why: Darnyelle leaves no stone unturned. She doesn’t theory, but real-life experience and proof of what she teaches works. I have had friends who have went to ‘BIG NAME’ speakers and they didn’t even get 10% of what Darnyelle teaches… I saw the proof! So I am telling you not to hesitate – I guarantee you will get what you need to move your business and speaking career to a whole new level!”



When you enroll in Speak & Move Millions, you’ll get access to the VERY blueprint I’ve used to book $15,000 keynotes, make $185,000 in days following a “business development” speaking engagement AND sell millions from my own live event stage.

Your ability to speak and move millions is about preparing, positioning, pitching and profiting and I will walk you step-by-step through EXACTLY HOW to Speak & Move Millions.

From the desk of Dr. Darnyelle Jervey Harmon

Dear Future Million Dollar Speaker,

Do you…

  • Get constant compliments every time you get an opportunity to speak and get disappointed at the amount of time that passes between invitations?
  • Have tons of opportunities to speak but everyone wants you to speak for free and you don’t know how to leverage them?
  • Want to learn how to turn free speaking engagements into massive paydays so that you never have to be focused on a speaker fee again?
  • Get distracted because you’re a speaker that isn’t “booked and busy”?
  • Know deep down that your story should be changing lives but feel frustrated because you aren’t being asked to tell your powerful story?
  • Envy keynote speakers at events and conferences and wonder how YOU could be on that stage the next year?
  • Dream of sharing your powerful story and message with audiences nationally and internationally but can’t figure out how to get booked?
  • Feel tired of speaking for free or for a penance and want to understand how to confidently get booked to speak for your fee?

...If you are screaming YES, I am so glad that you found this page!

If you desire to master how to leverage the power and business of speaking into a million dollar income stream in your business, you’re going to love Speak & Move Millions…

A brand-new completely remastered digital course experience that will walk you step by step through how to leverage all types of speaking into some of your biggest paydays yet...

I got booked immediately after Darnyelle's training!

“I was speaking but it wasn’t coming together to yield results for my business like it has since learning from Darnyelle. She has helped me take my natural ability to own the stage and add business building strategy to it. As a result of her strategies, I booked 12 speaking engagements following working with her! I had never been able to do that before. Each of those engagements led to new clients, new connections and of course cash flow.”



With Speak & Move Millions...

your business could be booming like this

  • Each week, like clockwork, you receive new speaking requests from companies and organizations that you don’t know that are ready, right now to hire you to speak to their audiences at your full fee.
  • You are booked solid with business development speaking opportunities where you can build your list and position your products and services and make 3-10x your quoted speaker fee.
  • As often as you decide, you’re speaking to sell from the stage and making 3-10x your speaker fee because you’ve learned the Art of Confident Conversion 
  • You’re expanding your reach without ever having to worry about getting paid to share your expertise (you’ve learned that there is no such thing as a free speaking engagement because you now know how to position your expertise)

Speak & Move Millions is in a class all its own! The only digital course that teaches you both the business of speaking and the power of speaking so that you own the stage while increasing your income, influence, and impact to the tune of millions.

Who you are before

Speak & Move Millions

Who you will BE AFTER

Speak & Move Millions

I didn't start making money speaking until I worked with Darnyelle!

“Before working with Darnyelle, I was a great speaker but I was not a well paid one. I had been speaking professionally for many years, having shared the stage and worked with some of the greatest speakers of our time. Darnyelle showed me how to monetize my message. Darnyelle spares no strategy and I know they work because I’m making money every time I speak now.”



What's included

Part 1

Before You Become a Million Dollar Speaker

  • Mindset of a Million Dollar Speaker
  • Types of Million Dollar Speakers
  • Clarify Your Ideal Audience
  • Characteristics of a Viable Speaking Engagement

Part 2

The Power of Speaking & Moving Millions

  • Refine Your Signature System to Create Your Signature Talk
  • 13 Elements of a Converting Signature Talk
  • Creating Experiences from the Stage with Storytelling and Props

Part 3

The Business of Speaking & Moving Millions

  • Speaker Messaging Suite
  • Speaker Marketing Entry Campaigns
  • How to Find Speaking Opportunities & Getting Booked
  • Speaking KPIs
  • Million Dollar Speaker Follow Up System
  • Contracts & Negotiations
  • Leveraging Back of the Room Sales

Part 4

Million Dollar Speaker Assets

  • Speaker One Sheet
  • Speaker Outlines
  • Speaker Demo Reel
  • Stage Intro
  • Media Kit
  • Meeting Planner Letter
  • Leveraging Video When Speaking

Part 5

Speaking By Talk Type

  • Leveraging Paid Speaking
  • Leveraging Speak to Sell Speaking
  • Leveraging Business Development Speaking
  • Other Types of Speaking

Part 6

After A Speaking Engagement

  • Performing Your Engagement SWOT Analysis
  • Tracking Your Results
  • How to Conduct Follow Up Conversations with Event Host and Securing Referrals or Your Next Booking



  • Q & A Session recordings from the Beta
  • A bonus ticket to Move to Millions Live Event Experience in May (you’ll enjoy 50% off your ticket to join us)

As you can see,
we have left no stone unturned.

Everything you need to know and master is included in this powerful digital course. Finally, a training that shows you everything it takes to become a million-dollar speaker.

I teach you EXACTLY what I do every single month to stay booked on the best stages, generating multiple six figures a year just from speaking. By the end of the course, you’ll have your own blueprint to Speak & Move Millions!


Pay in full

One Payment of $3,000

Course access all up front for 12 months Includes a private podcast feed of all module audios

Payment Plan

6 payments of $550 (total of $3,300)

With a new part unlocking each month over the 6 months and course access for 12 months


Before Darnyelle’s Speaking program, I had a vague idea of the power of speaking in my overall business plan. After 2 days of being totally inspired and educated on every aspect of public speaking I could possibly need, I was on fire with the passion that Darnyelle imparts through her own transformational speaking. I crafted my signature speech, and within weeks, I had a speaking gig in front of my ideal clients. As Darnyelle had taught me, I had designed a teleclass to offer at the end of the speaking, and 5 of the 11 women signed up, and two others became clients, creating an additional $12,000 in income. Basically, I jump started my new business and it has not stopped since. Through the speaking I am doing, my income has doubled, and I am inspiring countless other business owners to bring their gifts to the world and make a great living doing it. If you want to get the inside scoop on the power and know-how about public speaking, give yourself the gift of Darnyelle’s Speak the Incredible program. You will get the return on your investment in record time.

kathleen hanagan

Psychotherapist and spiritual teacher


One of the benefits of being a Platinum client of Darnyelle’s is that she is able to provide you with just what you need, when you need it, so that you can make more money in your business. Recently, I was booked for a paid speaking engagement, but realized that I hadn’t prepared anything to allow the audience to deepen their experience with me and I immediately heard Darnyelle’s voice saying “You’re leaving money on the table.” So, I set up a session with her during which she helped me to create an offer out of products and services I already had available that were collecting dust in my business. From my well-crafted offer, I was able to position my solution to the audience’s problem and as a result I sold over $2,000 during my 60-minute talk. Since then, I have been booked for two additional PAID speaking engagements at the highest speaker fees I have ever received. I did this using Darnyelle’s strategies. If you are finally ready to share your story and earn some real money, you need to get your hands on Darnyelle’s Speak the Incredible Blueprint.


Certified Professional Life Coach

If you want to leverage speaking to make and move millions, you can’t do it without this course!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are a business owner who isn’t leveraging speaking, you are leaving money on the table. Speaking has been my primary lead generator since I started my business.  Whether you want to speak for fun or real money this course will give you access to everything you need to know and do to make as much or as little as you desire. 

We’ve worked with speakers with varying degrees of experience.  And every single one of them has found value and learned strategies they could implement to increase their results with our help.

We find that when we give lifetime access, that the content often ends up gathering dust on your “digital bookshelf”. We want students to actually make use of the content that they invested in, and that they are far more likely to consume it if they know it has a shelf life. By the end of your 12 months in this program, you should have held your first outrageously successful live event, if not several. But you have to follow the strategies outlined in the program.  And after your first 12 months you can retain access to the content for a nominal monthly fee. 

Sure! Contact us at any time.  We are available Monday – Friday 9:00am to 5:30pm Eastern Time.

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