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The Plan for Millions Bundle


Start your investing journey during the “Take Your First Trade Challenge” and as a bonus you’ll get my bundle (valued at $498) that will help you make paradigm shifts that will position you to make money faster regardless of what is happening in the economy.

Want to Learn How to Buy Your First Stock?

You’ve thought about buying your first stock, but you keep procrastinating.

You’re ready to start earning additional income, but feel overwhelmed by the idea of stocks.

You’ve heard terms like “IPO”, “ETF” or “Index Funds” but still have no clue what it all means.

You understand that there’s money to be made by investing, and you’re ready to take the first step.

You’re hard-working, willing to learn, and eager to start building a life of financial freedom, but you need some guidance.

Good news. That’s exactly what you will learn at Teri Ijeoma’s Take Your First Trade LIVE Challenge happening each evening April 15-19, 2024 from 7pm-9pm CT. 

Teri will take you through what you need to know step-by-step in just 5 days!

You will learn a lesson from Teri in order to buy and sell your first stock and then you will be motivated and encouraged by a phenomenal speaker (including yours truly on Day 5) to get over your fears and take your first trade.

Plus, I’ll send you my Plan for Millions Bundle as a bonus to your registration for her event!

Meet Teri

“I’m a former elementary school assistant principal, turned full-time trader.

My passions include: learning, traveling the world, and of course, homemade mac-n-cheese. My background in education, combined with lived experience as a trader, has allowed me to reach millions of people across the globe. I’ve personally taken over 35,000 students under my wings to teach them how to trade with confidence, strategy, and intention. Once a teacher, always a teacher!

I believe this calling has been placed on my heart for a reason! We all start somewhere. It’s my mission to empower as many people as I can to make their first trade, and start building a life of passion, purpose, freedom and adventure.”

(And get the bonus Plan for Millions Bundle)

When you enroll in the Take Your First Trade Challenge with Teri and special guests, including yours truly, I'll send you my Plan for Millions Bundle (valued at $498) so that you can learn the principles for turning your investment in yourself into more money FLOWING into your life and business.

The PLAN FOR MILLIONS Bundle includes:



3 powerful trainings to help you make the shifts required to collapse time between money infusions

  • Module 1: Mindset, Vision, Goals & Actions of a Million Dollar CEO
  • Module 2: Strategy & Sales
  • Module 3: Systems and Support
  • BONUS: Q&A and Business Makeovers from our live Plan for Millions Workshop
  • BONUS: Guest Experts from our live Plan for Millions Workshop



This action plan will help you map out exactly what you need to do in the next 12 months to make millions move into your business. We have used this blueprint with our clients to help them add revenue immediately into their businesses.

Enroll in the Take Your First Trade Challenge Live & get my Plan for Millions Bundle ($498 value)

All you need to do is join the “Take Your First Trade 5-Day Challenge” with Teri to learn how to start investing, and you’ll receive the Plan for Millions Bundle as a bonus!

Plus, I'm Speaking at the Challenge

Because you are a valued member of my community, you already know that I believe that you can love God and make millions.

When it comes to making money move, there are so many ways in addition to scaling your business. One of my favorites is having a stock portfolio, so when my friend Teri asked me to speak during her Take Your First Trade Challenge, I was so excited for you. 

Now, you’ll have the principles AND be able to start expanding your financial footprint. To make money move, you have to invest and be investable – here’s a way for you to start investing right now!

And when you secure your seat in the challenge, I will share my Plan for Millions training with you as a bonus!

(And get the bonus Plan for Millions Bundle)

The Challenge also features 4 other amazing speakers who you won’t want to miss. To learn more, click here.