09.09.09 = Manifestation

“The number 9 means manifestation. The manifestation of your destiny is predicated on your level faith, expectation and your ability to be persistent.” Darnyelle A. Jervey

According to the dictionary, manifestation means outward or perceptible indication; materialization. Let that sink in for just a second. What you perceive to occur in your life will materialize…sounds to me that your thoughts will become the things you have (and perhaps enjoy) in your life. That can be good, if you think on good things. That will be bad if you can’t get past the past and other hindrances to your destiny. No matter whether you like it or even agree with it, what you think about will manifest into your reality. So how, pray tell, do you flip the script and make this work for your good? I am so excited that you’ve asked.

1. Take a positive mental picture of what you want in your life. No matter how obtruse it may seem, capture the picture of what you want. Make sure the picture is in full color and captured down to the last detail. The color of the car, the exact amount of money you want in your checking account, the grade you want on the test, the career you want to have.

2. Begin to think with positive energy and excitement about the picture you just took in your mind.

3. Speak only words that corroborate the picture in your mind. Because after the thought has been spoken, it will manifest. Remember, that occurs good, bad or indifferent. It is the way it works. So if you want it to work in your favor, you cannot make casual covenants and comments just because you feel like it. When your words do not line up with the positive mental picture you’ve taken, you are double minded and therefore unstable and you will get what you say and not what you see.

Some people believe that manifestation is tricky…it isn’t, manifestation is the truth; it is predicated by your level of faith and belief that what you see will become what you have and experience. Don’t believe me? Think about the last car you purchased. Before you got that car and took the mental picture in your mind that you would own that car, you never came face to face with it. But as soon as you drove it off the lot, you see your car everywhere. Just when you thought you were stepping out of the mold, you realize that once again you and EVERYBODY else wanted the same car you pictured. Now, you know I’m telling the truth!

4. Reinforce the picture in your mind by writing the details of the picture in your manifestation book. This is a spiral notebook that only holds the things you want to receive in your life. It becomes a place where you can write the words that match the mental pictures that you take every day. (It also becomes the words to speak to reinforce the picture you took in your mind) Because it is true that what gets attended to gets done, by writing the details of your pictures in your manifestation book, you will begin to help these things materialize in your life.

For more information about manifestation and how learning how to be intentional when it comes to what you want, contact me by visiting my website and completing a FREE 30-minute consultation request so that we can schedule time to help you truly manifest your destiny.

Darnyelle A. Jervey is the CEO of Incredible One Enterprises, LLC, a full service empowerment firm specializing in keynotes, coaching, seminars and workshops to define and more importantly unleash the incredible in you.

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