20 Scriptures for 2020

Welcome to Season 2 of the Leverage Your Incredible Factor Podcast! Not only is 2020 the Year of Next level Everything, but this ENTIRE season of the podcast, our theme and focus is about taking everything for you to the next level.

I’ve come to realize that there are a lot of entrepreneurs of faith in the marketplace. I have also realized that many of them struggle with balancing their faith with scaling a business. I get it, before 2013, I was the same way – afraid to mention God for fear that I would offend a client or prospect and cause them to not hire me. Then something supernatural happened (you’ll have to listen in to hear it). And ever since I took a bold stand for God there is one question I get at least once a week, and it’s the one I answer in today’s podcast episode:

“How do you leverage your faith in your business without offending others and how do you leverage your faith to continue to grow and exceed your goals?”

If you have ever asked yourself these questions or you’re ready to stop separating your faith from your business, you’re gonna love this episode. It culminates with me sharing my top 20 scriptures for advancing entrepreneurs in 2020. Listen in to discover:

  • Why sharing your faith is a business growth strategy
  • How to present yourself in a way that inspires instead of offends
  • How to boost your confidence in your brand and business


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