3 Key Questions to Inspect the Incredible in Your Business – Darnyelle A. Jervey

At the end of each quarter, I recommend that my clients complete a business self-assessment. With all of the hustle and bustle of the business day, we often forget to stop and assess our progress – what’s working and what’s not. We also seldom stop to ensure that what we do and who we represent is completely congruent to our Incredible Factor and how we show up for the world.

As I review my financial statements and clarify the revenues and cash flow analysis of the business, as well as reviewing the processes and systems that I have in place, I take my assessment a step further. I also take the time to answer three key questions. I admit, these are not traditional business review questions but they are necessary nonetheless to the success you want to represent in your life and business.

The beautiful thing about working in your Incredible Factor is that there is never a disconnect with who you are – meaning you’re not one person in business and another at home. To truly do your life’s work, you must be completely congruent – loving what you do and desiring to serve others in a big way. These three questions allow me to connect with my core and ensure that my mission statement continues to resonate with me deeply.

1. Who are you? Who do you represent in the world? Marketplace? Your business? Who do your ideal clients and success stories say that you are? Is that who you desire to be?

2. What do you do to help others? It’s not about you; I’m sure that we can agree that to truly be of service (not volunteerism) we must be clear on what we do, how we do it and how others benefit from us doing it?

3. Why does it matter? Usually the most overlooked question, your reason why is what gets you up in the morning and gets you down in your office on a sunny day. It’s not about you; it’s about the lives you have the ability to influence and change with your Incredible Factor.

Answering these three questions will produce an emotional response in you. Don’t run from it; connect to it and allow it to resonate throughout your entire being. Be Incredible. Own your Incredible.

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