3 Keys To Help Entrepreneurs Boost Their Confidence So They Can Grow Their Business

Confidence is the new currency.

I mean it. Really. I once had someone hire me because of my confidence. They invested in themselves through me because I confidently articulated the problem I solve and the value I could add to their business. And, if you’re not confidently showing up in your business and sales conversations, I can promise you that you are leaving money on the table.

I have to admit, I’ve been naturally confident for as long as I can remember, but I know that to most people it doesn’t come easily like it does for me. That’s why I got really excited to take James’ (yes, James, a man’s!) question for this week’s episode of Incredible Factor TV. Check it out:

“Hi Darnyelle. I’ve always been a confident person. But now that I’m a FT entrepreneur, my confidence is waning. And I’m not sure why. What tips can you offer to help me show up confidently and position myself to attract clients?”

Watch my response to James’ question now in this week’s episode:


As I share in the episode, a normally confident person who comes into the new normal of entrepreneurship and small business ownership can find their confidence waning. That’s pretty normal. But, you have to be careful that you don’t let the feeling last too long or keep you from taking the actions that are necessary to grow your business. For example, confidence must show up in your brand messaging, marketing, and most definitely sales conversations. Oh, and don’t let me forget about the team-building process. Scratch that. Being confident is a key to building a profitable business that serves you.

So, should you find yourself feeling like James, here are a few tips to get you back on the “I am confident” track:

1. List all of your accomplishments/create your own Accomplishment Journal. The fastest way I know to boost someone’s confidence is to have them take a minute and list EVERYTHING (yes, everything) that they have accomplished to date in life. What you’ll notice as you make the list is that you’re a bad mama-jamma. You’ll instantly hold your head up high and walk with a little swag. I love keeping an accomplishments journal as a reminder for those moments when I feel a little wane coming on.

2. Ask your clients and colleagues what they like/enjoy/love about you. One of the things that I do after working with a client is conduct an exit interview. For those clients who aren’t continuing to work with me, I want to know what they got from their time as my client. I capture their thoughts and comments in a few ways:

– I create a client success story or testimonial.
– I write them in a journal that I keep with me at all times.
– I add a picture of their success story to my wall of fame.

3. Complete this exercise to increase your credibility. If your confidence is waning, try looking at what makes you credible in the space you hold in the marketplace. And remember credibility is for you, not your clients. It will give you the confidence to show up powerfully so that they see you as the only solution to the problem they are currently trying to solve.

a. I have been doing this work for _____ years.
b. I have written ______ articles/blogs on the topic of my expertise.
c. I have created my own system for helping my clients get the results they crave, I call it the _______ system
d. I have written or intend to write a book called _________ to demonstrate my expertise.
e. To date, I have helped _____ people solve their problem through my work.

(While I’m only sharing 5, I bet you could keep going, right?)

The truth is, people will buy/invest when they know, like and trust you and your confidence is what gives them the courage to invest in themselves through you. So, take a minute and complete the exercises so that your confidence positions you to serve more people doing what you love.

So, now I want to hear from you. What’s your two cents? What do you do to boost your confidence so that you can show up powerfully in your business?

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