3 Tips about Attracting the Incredible

“Expanding your Circle of Influence to include Incredible people will ultimately help you to become Incredible. After all we become like the people with whom we spend time.” Darnyelle A. Jervey

It’s no secret that when you start hanging around a person, eventually others we say “You act just like X.” Sometimes you even start looking like them – smile. That’s because you naturally become like the people that you spend time around. My question to you: is that a good thing or a bad thing? If you have to stop and think, my guess is that the people in your circle are not people who are bringing you up, which means they are people who are pulling you down. And that, my friend is a big problem. People who bring you down or add drama to your life and who I like to call, Incredible SNATCHERS (TM)….They have been sent to negate all talent and confidence that has been earmarked and reserved for your success. They are the haters, dream stealers, naysayers, instigators, your family, and the list could go on and on but, you get my point.

My favorite book says two cannot walk together unless they agree so it is essential that you agree with the people that get to spend time with you. Because time is the only thing you can never get back, I would advise you to use it wisely by making wise choices about who you allow into your space. Your space is that sacred place that holds your energy, your enthusiasm and your ability to achieve Incredibleness in your life.

As a coach, here are my three (3) essential tips for learning to Attract the Incredible:

1. I recommend that my Burn the Box ™ Coaching Clients Attract the Incredible by first Inspecting the Incredible and completing a quarterly assessment of their associations. Here’s a quick run down of the process: If when you think of that person, they add value to your life, they get a + (plus sign); if when you think of them, they take away or cause stress, strife or contention, they get a – (minus sign), if when you think of them you feel indifferent, they get a / (slash sign) and then the time to make the non negotiable decision about their placement in your life comes: + can stay; – must go; / have three months to change their position because you can’t straddle the fence.

2. You become like these people – don’t you want to live a life that produces fruit and adds value to the lives of others? Studies show that people who spend time with high performers are more likely to perform high in their own lives. We all know that your network determines your net worth so if you want to earn high, you have to befriend high.

3. Incredible people set standards in their lives and they hold us accountable if we want to spend time with them. Accountability is so important, especially when you have goals and dreams to fulfill. People are afraid of accountability but having it in your life with consistency is truly the key to dream fulfillment. When you spend time with people who are where you are going, not living up to their standards and requirements makes you look bad and they have no problem cutting you out of the circle, (because they know the importance of attracting the incredible) so what happens, you perform and your impress because being associated with them is important to the Incredible You. Being associated with them buolds credibility for your product and servicce. Incredible people have all the characteristics you need in your life: integrity, a heart of service, dependability, enthusiasm, passion, support, abundance, confidence and levels of expectation, they are business minded, etc….These are the people you want to attract.

Here’s to Attracting the Incredible, they’re out there waiting to hold you accountable for your dreams!

Darnyelle A. Jervey is known as the Burn the Box Coach. A national speaker, author and consultant, Ms. Jervey si the CEO of Incredible One Enterprises, LLC. For more information,click here

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