38 Things I’m grateful for…

Happy Thanksgiving!!!  While I believe in finding five things to be grateful for each and every day, I love doing this special post on Thanksgiving.  Because my birthday falls just a week to 10 days before Thanksgiving each year, I always like to create a post that highlights what I’m most thankful for after I achieve another milestone. And as I stand my 38th year of living, I am just as grateful (if not more so) than ever.

1. God.  I am so grateful that not only did God create me, He saved me, loves me and chose me to perform a great work in this world.  I am so in love with God and how He uses His favor and influence CONSISTENTLY on my behalf.

2. Myself.  You know, I am grateful to have been born Darnyelle Antoinette Jervey.  I am comfy in my skin and so grateful that I get to see the world through these brown eyes.

3. My parents.  Although not perfect, they are mine.  They did their best and they created a masterpiece.  I am grateful to still have both of my parents at 38.

4. My family.  I will be the first to admit that I am not close to my family, but I’m still grateful for them.  I think that they do their best and love me in their own unique way.

5. My health.  I can honestly say that I am healthy and am afforded the opportunity to do anything I want.  I have no health limitations.  I don’t take that for granted and I am committed to become even more healthy in the next year.

6. My purpose.  Wow!  “Flowing from my heart are the issues of my heart, it’s gratefulness.”  One of my daily devotions songs is Grateful by Hezekiah Walker.  Getting to do this work and experience life in this way is ah-mazing.  I am so grateful.

7. My needs exceeded.  Again, I love God and His word and His commitment that He’d never see the righteous forsaken or their seed begging bread.  I have more than enough.  Thank you.

8. My sense of humor. you know, I use to be a pretty stiff, tight lipped woman.  But today I embrace my humor and find reasons to laugh every day.

9. Latte. If there was ever a being that had the ability to make my heart smile, it’s my dog, Latte, or as I like to call her “Tink.”  Latte lights my world. I imagine that this must be what motherhood feels like. I am grateful to get to experience nonjudgmental, unconditional love.  She’s my “ride or die” dog.

10. My life’s journey. Everything that I have experienced has shaped the woman I am grateful to be today.  I wouldn’t go back to change a thing – maybe I wouldn’t have gotten the jheri curl in the 80’s but everyone had one.  Every set back, bad relationship, bad choice – wouldn’t trade it.  It all made me who I am today.

11. Jesus. while today I am far less religious and much more spiritual, I am grateful that Jesus gave His life so that I could find my abundance and live it.

12. My company.  I am a CEO.  I am so grateful for the vision and execution of this amazing company.

13. My team. The people who help me to expand my brand and serve the world, each one of them are top-notched and I’m grateful that we are connected.

14. My brothers and sisters. They’ve stretched me in ways that may never know and for that I am grateful.

15. My beloved. While I haven’t met him yet, I am already grateful for who he is and what he has done to prepare himself to be a part of my life.  We are going to live it up, baby.  I look forward to meeting and loving you!

16. My clients. they could choose to work with any business coach and marketing strategist but they chose me and I am so grateful to get to work with the most amazing clients on the planet.

17. My house. I live in a place that feels like an oasis to me.  It’s warm and inviting and gives me great joy.  It’s so nice in fact that sometimes I stay in my oasis and shut out the world.

18. My car. I was able to buy my  car in cash and I am grateful to have been able to do so. I am able to come and go as I please and I am grateful to be able to drive as I do it.  Sometimes I just drive and pray.

19. Prayer.  To be able to speak to God and calm my fears and rationalize my joys is so utterly amazing.

20. My shoes. What would I do without them? I am grateful to have so many choices represented in my closet.

21. The Color Purple. Do I really need to say more?!  It makes my world right.  I love it and try to wear something purple everyday.

22. Warm blankets. There is nothing like being able to cozy up on the couch watching a good movie.

23. Good movies.  I judge a good movie by being able to run through all emotions in the span of the storyline.  If I can laugh real hard, cry real hard, sympathize and empathize, it was a great movie. Some of my favorites this year – The Butler, The Best Man Holiday, About Time

24. My family room. Of all the rooms in my house, this is my favorite.  I love the redesign that we did last year and I love just being in this space.  Lights on, lights off, TV or radio.  this space warms my heart.

25. Wine. While I didn’t start drinking  until I was 35, I have to admit, it makes me grateful.  It takes off the edge and helps me sleep soundly each night.  I clearly had been missing something all those years that were wine-less.  But I’m making up for it, don’t you worry!

26.  A Great Book.  I love to read.  It keeps me sharp and allows me to get out of my own way.

27. Facing the Giants, the movie.  This movie shows me God’s grace and that definitely makes me grateful. I watch this movie EVERY Sunday.

28. Vacation.  The fact that I am able to go on vacation a minimum of 4 times each year is such a blessing to me.

29. Good friends.  While my circle is small, I am grateful for my good friends who love me as I am and still pray for me, cry with me and laugh with me.

30. Massages and facials. I think I might have to make an appointment for tomorrow.

31. Michael Kohrs Handbags. While I bought my first MK bag last year, I now own 3 and I love, love, love them.  You know, this makes me grateful that I am in a position to buy myself nice things just because I want them.

32. Apple Products.  I do everything that I do 100% so when we upgrade to Mac in my office last year, I went all the way in.  I am grateful for the ease of use and the amazing experience that Mac makes.

33. Comfy clothes.  I do love a nice outfit, but the older I get the more grateful I become for leggings and big shirts and big comfy socks.  They make my world so comfy.

34. Laughter.  I’m grateful that I can laugh at myself, and often.

35. Own TV.  I love that I can tune in to some quality programming on TV.  I am grateful for Oprah Winfrey’s vision and her steadfastness and not giving up when things looks dismal.

36. Music.  Music has a way of equalizing everything in my life. All kinds, all sounds, I am grateful for it.

37. 8 hours of sleep.  I made a non-negotiable decision to sleep 8 hours a night NO MATTER WHAT and I am grateful for what it does for me daily. It gives me the strength to do my work.

38. My therapist.  Man, o, man, what a difference she makes in my life.  I am so grateful for her and how she guides me without words and encourages me with her soul.

And you know what, I could go on.  I am so grateful that I am alive, in this body, serving in my significance.  I am grateful for you and all that you give me to help you make your life and business an Incredible One.

So, now I want to hear from you.  What are you grateful for?  Share your two cents below.


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