4 Ways to Avoid Being a Commodity So You Get Paid for Your Incredible Factor–Darnyelle A. Jervey

1. Stop competing
Because you have clearly identified your ideal client (your audience of one) there is no need for you to compete with anyone else also in your industry. As an example, there are thousands of marketing coaches but few of them focus on mindset, marketing and money-making strategy the way that Darnyelle does.

By defining and unleashing your Incredible Factor, delivering your “Secret Sauce” and “Signature Business Move” to your ideal client and marketing your Incredible Factor Signature System, you are no longer going to blend in with the crowd. Instead, you are going to stand way out and get more people to take notice to the way you offer results for your clients.

2. Say you specialize
Tell people, “I specialize in…” when talking about your services. People are accustomed to giving more respect to specialists. You’ll automatically have more authority when you describe yourself in this way. And, it helps them to understand the investment it will take to work with you because they expect to pay a specialist more.

3. Raise your fees
Regardless of what you are charging now, it’s probably not enough. So raise your fees. Whatever your highest rate was, it is now your lowest. Take a deep breath.

You may opt to allow current clients to continue at their current rates and raise your fees only for your new clients.

4. Ask every client for a testimonial or success story
If someone experiences a breakthrough because of you, ask them to put it in writing, in audio or on video. Make it a point to ask for the testimonial as soon as they experience a breakthrough. You can ask them if you can use what they told you over the phone or would they like to send you a formal testimonial.

When highlighting your clients via testimonials, always ask if you can feature them. A “feature” allows them to be prominently displayed via your website for all of your website visitors to see, which is a win-win. You win because they are singing your work’s praises; they win because they may attract clients and prospects to their products and services.


1. Step 1: List all of the ways that you stand out from your peers in your industry:
2. Step 2: How can you create marketing materials that highlight how you stand out?
3. Step 3: Do your products and services focus on how you stand out? If not what adjustments are necessary?
4. Step 4: How would your clients say that you stand out? Ask every client you’ve worked with this year for a testimonial

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