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4th Quarter Comeback: How to Position Your Incredible Factor to Play BIG

It’s the first week of the final quarter of the year and many of you are panicking. You’re panicking because you’ve been playing small all year and now that it’s time to pay the piper, you’re trying to figure out how to make this thing [your business] work. Let me clarify what I mean by playing small: playing small occurs when you are not enacting your divine purpose and serving others in a big way. I have a few other examples of playing small indicated below:

1.You set a goal to grow your business this year by 25% in new clients, yet you’ve not learned or implemented any new marketing strategies to attract new clients. 2.You knew that in order to go to the next level in your business you needed a coach, yet you’ve convinced yourself that you could encourage, motivate and offer accountability to yourself.
3.You know that you have a big message that the world needs and opportunities keep presenting themselves and you are still sitting still because they’re not showing up the way you thought they would.
4.You keep making excuses instead of plans in any facet of your business development.

As you can see and feel, playing small is a place of comfort and if you want your Incredible Factor to play big, you must get uncomfortable. There are still almost 3 full months left in this year and there are still tons of strategies that you could implement to grow your business by 25% this year if you get up, get out and take action. Here are tips to help you make the most of your fourth quarter:

1.Review your goals. Take a close look at what you planned to do this year. Determine which goals, if any, need to be reconfigured and make a non-negotiable decision to recommit to working hard and taking calculated, consistent action over the next 85 days.
2.Breakdown the big goal into smaller pieces so that they feel doable. As an example, if you still need to gain 20 new clients this year and you’ve already gotten 5, that leaves 15 with 13 weeks left in this year, that equates roughly to 1 new client each week, and if you on average talk to 3 prospects to get one client, begin to schedule five prospect calls/meetings each week so that you can boost your results.
3.Go back through the list of people who’ve expressed interest in working with you. Pick up the phone and follow up, one more time. Prepare to remind them of the problem you solve and illustrate why working with you is exactly what THEY need to begin 2011 in the perfect position.
4.Plan, Plan, Plan – complete a weekly marketing plan on Monday, 1st thing when you enter your office each week. AND plan each work day in advance. Before you close the door and turn off the light, take 15 minutes to plan the following day so that you don’t have to “hit the ground running” the next morning. Doing so will restore your confidence in achieving your goals and create a plan of implementation so that you can do what must be done to hit your 4th quarter comeback goals.
5.Shift your circle of influence. Other the next 85 days, commit to spending time with people who are where you want to be. No Incredible SNATCHERS, No weeds, only fertilizer. Your seed must be surrounded by light to grow so find some light – hire a coach; invest in a mentor. Turn off the television during the work day and give your business the same respect you once gave your job. When you commit to give yourself what you gave your boss, you will start to comeback!
6.Affirm your business goals. I recommend you write your revised 4th quarter comeback goals in positive, present tense on index cards and at the start of each day, review them before you begin your work for the day. 7.Take action – do what must be done each day so that you can wake up on January 1 ecstatic that you accomplished your 2010 goals and are ready to exceed them in the new year.

Your year long setback has set you up for a BIG comeback if you take action now!


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