5 Ideas to Celebrate Your Business Building Milestones

Celebrating Business MilestonesBeing an entrepreneur and business owner is hard.  I think that there are some people who make it look easy, but make no mistake, it’s hard to be in business.

Part of the reason I am so adamant about celebrating your successes is for this very reason.  If it were easy to be in business for yourself, everyone would have their own business.   And trust me, I didn’t always practice what I now preach to my clients and students.  I use to do something great and pause only long enough to figure out what I should do next. Which would keep me moving but have me so tired, frustrated and feeling like I didn’t add value.

Yup.  Sure did!

That’s why I was super excited to hear Jocelyn’s question, which I’m featuring in this week’s episode of Incredible Factor TV:

“Hi Darnyelle. I’ve never been really big on celebrating when I achieve a milestone in my business. As I step into being an entrepreneur and position myself as a CEO, I want to do a better job of celebrating my wins.  I’m really interested in learning what you do when you achieve a win in your business?”

Check out my response to her question here:

As I say in this week’s episode, it’s all about creating reasons to win.  But not just any win, a daily win.

Daily Wins.  That’s a little something I took away from Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Successful People.  As I interpret it, it is only when we celebrate our successes daily that we get the courage to get up and do it again.  And again.  And again.

The bottom line is this: We have to take the time to stop and celebrate.  Period, point blank.  When you stop and celebrate, you give yourself and God permission to send you more reasons to celebrate.  It is in celebration that we create the fuel to keep doing the hard work. By having a rewards system in place, you can start to predict your next indulgence, which is when the fun really begins.

When I achieve something amazing (big or little) in my business, something that I consider worthy of a little celebration, these are my five favorite ways to acknowledge my accomplishment:

  1. Treat myself (or your family, spouse, significant other, etc) to an amazing dinner. I love to eat and more than that, I love to eat really good food. So inviting a member of your Incredible Factor corner to join you is a great way to take a bow over the fruit of your labor.
  2. A bubble bath.  Sometimes I just grab a book, an indulgent one, and draw a bath and relax, in the middle of the day.  And it is always so rewarding.
  3. A spa adventure.  There’s nothing like taking a break to pamper yourself.
  4. Put a percentage of the new revenue in my “Just because I can” fund. Your “just because you can” fund is designed to allow you to do ANYTHING you want for any reason at any time because you deserve it.
  5. Take a day off and do something (or nothing) you love all day.

Like I ask Jocelyn in the episode, my question for you is, what do you love to do that you don’t get to do often?  The next time you do something amazing in your business and hit a goal, do that thing so you get to enjoy it a little more.

Now I want to hear from you, what’s your two cents?:   
Do you have a reward system built into your business goals and revenue model?  Do you stop and celebrate when you do something amazing before moving on to the next goal?

After the show, there’s the after party…Don’t miss this episode’s after party!  It’s going down at IncredibleOneEnterprises.com on our blog.  Join us there to share your two cents and read more about insight I couldn’t fit into this week’s episode.

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