5 Keys for Backing Away From the Incredible SNATCHERS–Darnyelle A. Jervey

Okay, I know that as you read the title of this article, you were like, “what in the world is an Incredible SNATCHER?!”

An Incredible SNATCHER is anyone who has been Sent to Negate All Talent and Confidence that Has been Earmarked and Reserved for your success.
That’s right, this article is all about eliminating the haters, naysayers and dream stealers who make it their mission to derail your destiny, pummel your purpose and prevent you from living your passion.
Now, many of you are allowing what the Incredible SNATCHERS have to say to keep you from playing big…they don’t like that you’re succeeding, you quit your job and are making entrepreneurship look effortless, etc. Well, I am admonishing you this week to once and for all stop allowing yourself to be stifled because of what they think of you. Honestly, when you realize that their purpose is to stop you from serving the world in a big way, I think it will make it easier for you to back away.
For one minute, close your eyes and imagine that you are a star in the sky on a dark summer night. In fact, in this visualization, you are the only star. If, because of your Incredible SNATCHERS you dim or completely turn off your light, the world would be in darkness. You, not shining to full capacity would prevent others from being able to see their greatness. Now open your eyes, and ask yourself if you really want that to happen?
I’m going to take a wild guess and state that the answer is no. So, if you’re with me, here are 5 keys that are sure to help you successfully back away from your Incredible SNATCHERS:
1. Recall your vision and mission. A lot of times we get distracted from our purpose and in that distraction we forget what we are supposed to be doing. As an entrepreneur, you are supposed to be solving problems for your ideal clients. Take some time to get to a quiet place and remind yourself of why you are doing what you do. Get refreshed so you can get back to work.
2. Complete a circle of influence review. Are you spending too much time with your SNATCHERS? Because the majority of your SNATCHERS have the same maiden name as you, it’s probably safe to say that you see them on a regular basis. What I recommend is that you complete an assessment and grade each person you find yourself spending significant portions of time with. If they add value, give them a plus. If they cause drama, give them a minus. If they don’t move you one way or another, give them a slash sign. Plus signs get to stay; minus signs need to get less and less of your time and slash signs need to move one way or the other because you can’t straddle the fence of who you share your incredible with.
3. Set clear intentions. When you set clear intentions for your life and business, you will be better able to ensure that you are holding fast to them and you will also allow the universe to conspire on your behalf to make your intentions true for you.
4. Join a mastermind group to spend time with people who are your peers in business. Sharing space with positive entrepreneurs who like you are growing a business, will give you more drive and determination to reach your goals. Remember, your income is the average of the 5 people with whom you spend the majority of your time.
5. Learn to say no. Just because a SNATCHER asks you for something doesn’t mean you have to make yourself available to offer it to them. Begin to say no to them so that you can say yes to your purpose and destiny.
Being an entrepreneur is challenging enough without having SNATCHERS add fuel to the fire. By determining which simple, yet effective strategies will work for you, you will be able to not only back away, but also bring more positive into your business so you can send more positive out to the world you serve.

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