5 Keys for Taking Up Space

The truth of the matter is there is a lot of noise in the marketplace.  If you want to be seen as the only and obvious choice, you will have to take up space.

On this week’s episode of the Move to Millions Podcast with Dr. Darnyelle Jervey Harmon, we are rewinding an episode that ran earlier this year with Move to Millions Mastermind client and DEI Thought Leader, Dethra Giles.

The conversation was so rich and during it, Dethra laid out 5 keys for Taking Up Space so that you can achieve the goals you set for your business or career:

1. Mindset Before Money:

Success starts in the mind. In fact, 95% of your success is tied to the six inches between your ears. It is essential that if you desire to elevate your career, you focus  on your success mindset rather than just the financial outcome. Money by itself, seldom moves people into action that creates impact. The Move to Millions program is a testament to this, helping participants build an attitude and awareness to sustain wealth. Remember, your financial journey is deeply rooted in your mental approach as your money will be mental before it is material.

2. Investing in Yourself:

Getting access to the right community and mentorship is the key to honing the confidence to show up fully and lend your talents to the world. Regretting not joining the Move to Millions Mastermind earlier, Giles highlights the importance of timely and financial commitment. Your journey to millions requires an all-in investment in yourself. 

3. Value-Based Pricing:

Transform your financial narrative by pricing services based on their value. People are not paying for our time, they are paying for the solution to the problem they have been unsuccessful at solving on their own. During the episode, Dethra shares her experience in raising her speaking fees shows the power of valuing your offerings. Frame your services in a narrative of worth and carry this confidence into negotiations.

4. Gifts and Talents as Pathways:

Your unique talents are your pathways to wealth and influence. Darnyelle and Dethra’s conversation revealed how recognizing and generously sharing your gifts can lead to significant impact. Embrace your talents as not just skills, but as vehicles for claiming your space in your industry.

5. Greater Purpose and Impact:

Wealth creation is about more than just financial gain; it’s about fulfilling a greater purpose. Dethra’s passion for optimizing performance and creating generational change underscores this. Your talents can contribute to societal improvements and innovative solutions.

Embrace Your Success Story:

Dethra urges us to boldly own our achievements. Collect your success stories and use them as a foundation in your industry. As Darnyelle shows, acknowledging your track record is crucial in justifying your value.

Conclusion: Join the Movement:

The Move to Millions Podcast is a catalyst for change. Let this episode with Dethra Giles inspire you to claim your space, demand your worth, and confidently move towards the millions awaiting you. Engage further by attending the “Move to Millions Live” event, and continue the conversation by subscribing and leaving reviews.

Takeaway: These strategies from the podcast with Dethra Giles are more than guidelines; they are stepping stones to transforming your approach to business and life. Embrace them, and step boldly into your role as a million-dollar CEO.

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