5 Keys to Becoming “Scale Ready”

If you’re trying your scale your business to 7 figures and you listen to the wrong advisors they’ll tell you the answer is to hire more people.

And while they wouldn’t be wrong per se, their advice might not actually position you to scale.

For the record, there is a time and place for hiring but before you create that next job description, stop and listen.

Let’s get one thing straight: hiring before your business has a firm foundation upon which to scale will actually delay scaling.

Now to help you get your foundation firm, you should have some team support. To be clear, a great executive assistant that you have groomed to understand the inner workings of your company and your vision on how you desire to grow it can go along way to helping you get things started and to the point you need before you add scaling to your strategic plan.

Before I explain….

Let’s address the fact that most people think the answer to next level Growth is to scale BUT scaling by definition means you have an operational infrastructure specifically around your strategy, sales and systems, that you can multiply, duplicate and replicate to increase results and revenue.

In English – if you haven’t already sured up your strategy, sales infrastructure, created business growth and automation systems, hiring isn’t the answer. Instead you’ll break your business because there’s nothing worth multiplying, replicating and or duplicating. And more of the mess that is your business back end creates stress not simplification. And you don’t want to get to 7 figures with a mess (ask me how I know)

Scaling isn’t about speed.

Scaling isn’t about time.

Scaling is about multiplying, duplicating and replicating strategies and sales created as a result of a strong and sound operational infrastructure.

For the record, I’m an advocate for hiring before you’re ready to scale but there’s a few things that I recommend you do before hiring becomes a strategy you employ to get to your next level.

So, do yourself a favor and take “scaling” off the table until….

1. You have created a sound, streamlined strategy that you can attribute at least 70% of your positioning and marketing success to (see at this point, you have something to multiply)

2. You have a well oiled sales process that turns prospects into paying clients every week like clock work and 70% of your prospects move through your sales process in a timely flow without getting caught or dropping off before you can qualify them and present a solution to the problem they’re unsuccessful at solving on their own ( now you have something to duplicate)

3. You have an operational management system, complete with a directory of the procedures and process flows and that you and your admin manage from a CEO dashboard (this is where a good EA is worth their weight in gold) – doing this means you have something to replicate

4. You have perfected your methodology, framework or signature system so that you can predict, with certainty how to get 10 or more people at one time the results you’re known for (leverage is a precursor to scale) and you now have a process that you can teach to talent team members to serve your clients while getting them consistent results ( ie scaling your core service through systems and support team )

5. You have a clear vision that is strategic and aligned based on your values and culture so that you can start to build a team from this place. Bonus points if you’ve already built turning chart of your scaled company and know when you’ll add each person that will contribute to achieving your growth and scale plan

See, it’s only once each of these are sound that hiring will actually set you on a trajectory to scale.

So for now, get to working on having something worth scaling by tightening your strategy, sales infrastructure and operational and growth systems.

Remember, if you hustle hard enough you can get to $300,000 – $500,000 without these things and falsely believe you’re ready to scale. After working with thousands of various stage entrepreneurs and helping 70 entrepreneurs make their first or next million in the last few years, I’ve seen it all!

It’s open enrollment in our Haus of Millions®️ Programs and we’d love to position you to scale by creating an infrastructure that is solid, strong and significant in setting up your scaling success.

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