5 Keys to Building a Thriving Life and Business: An Ambitious Women’s Creed

ambitionMy name is Darnyelle and I am ambitious.

And there is a cost that is associated with boldly declaring that I am.

Believe it or not, ambition is not a dirty word. There are many who will lead you to believe that it is. But it’s not a curse. It’s not a death sentence or a surefire way to end up living alone with cats. Most importantly, ambition is the key to building a life that gives you everything that you desire.

In this week’s episode of Incredible Factor TV, Blake is at it again… he’s got a great question for me:

“What’s the cost of ambition?”

Check out the episode to see my response to this question. (He had me speechless for about 30 seconds…)

As I share in the episode, you can have it all, but you’ll have to be willing to do the work. If you are a woman who is out to get what she desires no matter what, you’ll need to strengthen your journey. Here are a few tips to help you, from one ambitious woman to another:

1. Be clear about what you desire. First off, you’ll need to get somewhere and sit down with a pen and paper to really clarify what ambition means to you and what you want this attribute to bring into your life. I’ll be the first to admit that there were times in my life and career where I just followed the crowd and whenever I did, my ambition was stifled. There’s nothing too big for you to have in your life, so dream big.

2. Do your work. I maintain that having it all is not only possible, it’s your birthright, but you must be willing to do the work. By giving your business the same respect you gave your job, you’ll set yourself up to be massively successful.

3. Be unapologetic. I doubt that I need to expound on this one, but I will. Ambition is strength, an asset and a trait that many wish they had. Don’t apologize for making the decision to be about getting what you desire in life. Regardless of where you are and what you want, you’ve got to resolve that you deserve it and own your journey.

4. Evaluate your circles of influence. One of the biggest “costs” I have seen to being ambitious is that I have few true friends. Now, I know lots of people, but the number of those who are my tried and true friends who edify and support me, well let’s just say there aren’t many. And that is purposeful. Because I am clear about myself, my goals, my purpose and my mandate. I don’t require an entourage to access it. You don’t either. Ambition is not popular, so know that as you take your claim you’ll likely lose some friends in the process.

5. Make bold decisions. Indecision is the fastest way to struggle and strive in your life and business. If you truly want to thrive, and more importantly to soar, you’ll have to take a bold stance and decide to get what you desire. I’m often reminded by the Emerson quote (a key to ambitious living if you ask me): “Once you decide, all of the Universe conspires to give you what you want.”

Now, I want to hear from you: What’s been the cost of your ambition? What other tips would you share to others who endeavor to show up more ambitiously in their lives and businesses?

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