5 Questions to Clarify Your Business’ Value Proposition–Darnyelle A. Jervey

Part of the reason why so many service-based entrepreneurs are struggling is because they haven’t taken the time to write down who they want to work with. Having worked with thousands of entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs, I know you find it hard to believe, but trust me; most people do not start a business with any form of a plan.

They don’t plan out what they are going to offer nor do they plan out who they are going to offer it to. The result….a hot mess. You attract:

• Clients who drain your energy and pay you low wages
• Clients who make excuses instead of taking action
• Clients who have no real desire to change their situation but just want to complain and blame it on the “man,” or better yet the economy
• Clients who want a “hook up”
• Products and services that don’t appeal to anyone

Please, stop! Don’t take another client on until you can clearly and succinctly answer the five questions below.

This week’s assignment is very important to the future success of your business. Even if you have a business plan. If your business model has deviated in any way in response to what has happened in the industry you are in or the economy, ask yourself these five questions. These questions will help you begin the process to gaining some semblance of clarity in your business. When you take the time to answer 5 simple, yet effective and often overlooked questions, you will gain tremendous impact to your company’s bottom line:
1. Why is your business necessary? Brainstorm on this one. Right down every answer that pops into your head. Ask clients who have provided a success story why they had to work with you. Again, record every answer. These reasons will be key to your marketing language going forward.
2. What is the transformation your business provides to your ideal clients? Here, think before and after. Before they come to work with you, who are they? After they work with you, who have they become? Why is this important and why will others be inspired to work with you too?
3. What is the problem you solve and what is the system that you utilize to solve the problem? These results should be clear about the steps you take each client through, which leads to the result you would like them to receive in working with you. Being able to articulate this is HUGE for your business growth potential.

4. Who are your products and services for? Please be as specific as possible. Remember, clarity leads to cash. Don’t think you can help everyone. Narrow your focus and in doing so, find the people who can’t live without your solution.

5. What happens if they don’t buy your products and services? What will they continue to experience if they don’t work with you? What is the pain they will continue to feel until they choose you as their pain killer?
These five questions will lead you to a significant breakthrough about how you must begin to conduct business. When you consider these five questions before you contact a prospect, writing a marketing piece, present your company at a networking event or any other business related task, you will begin to get clear results that help you to grow your company.
Take time this week and respond to each of these questions in detail. Upon completion, you will have some key marketing language that can be converted into market pieces, website copy and other items to show you as a magnet to your ideal clients.

Be Incredible,

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