5 Quick Tips to Overcome Overwhelm for Today’s Entrepreneur

PrintThere are only 24 hours in a day and only 365 days in a year, and if you’re planning to use some of that time to build a business it’s very likely that you may get bogged down with details, become unclear and experience overwhelm.

Here’s the thing: No one is exempt from overwhelm. It can strike a new mom just the same as it can strike an emerging, expanding or established entrepreneur.

This is exactly why this question from Daylinn that I’m featuring in today’s episode of Incredible Factor TV resonated so deeply with me. Check it out:

“Help Darnyelle, I’m so overwhelmed. I’m a growing business owner and there’s new opportunities around every corner… and even though I have a team, I am doing too much, I am stressed and I am so overwhelmed that I am doing absolutely nothing but making excuses and not getting things done. Help!”

Check out my response to Daylinn’s question in this week’s episode.

As I share, you should know that you’re not alone. Everyone feels overwhelm.

By definition, overwhelm means “give too much of a thing to someone, to inundate.” And the truth is, if you are overwhelmed it’s because chaos is around you – you’re lacking clarity and focus. And outer chaos is manifested from inner chaos, so you likely need to get somewhere, sit down and seek some clarity.

In the episode, I suggested an activity that I will share here as well:

First, get everything out of your head… do a brain dump and write down everything you spend your time thinking about – good or bad, and be sure to include what needs to get done.

Next, you have to focus on what you can control. Take a look at your list: What did you write down that you can’t control? Those things need to be removed, so draw a big red line through them. If you can’t control it, you need to stop focusing on it. And give yourself permission to let it go!

Lastly, get rid of everything that you don’t love, you feel obligated to do, anything that gives you stress or pause and creates any uneasiness.

What’s left is what you want to be doing, what you feel good about. You need to determine how you will prioritize these tasks – as those are the tasks you love and will give you energy and focus to get more done.

When you feel overwhelm setting in, try some of these quick tips:

1. Stop everything, get quiet and breathe. There is power in slowing everything down long enough to think things through. When you stop everything, you’ll quiet your mind long enough to take a few deep breaths and re-center your actions.

2. Take small, frequent breaks and check in on what needs to be done. It’s easy to be a hamster on the wheel. When you keep busy you may feel like you’re getting things done, but the reality is that you are not. Instead, take small breaks and “check in” with yourself about your tasks and what you need to complete in order to be productive and not just busy.

3. Make a list of everything you’re working on. When you see it all written down, it will be easier for you to determine what needs to be moved or removed and what must be done now. The longer it stays in your head, the higher the likelihood that it will cause overwhelm and confusion.

4. Re-prioritize. Once you are looking at the list, you can assess and re-prioritize. Doing so will keep you from going over the edge and to start actually getting things done. As you’re prioritizing, start with the items that are going to be the fastest to implement with no additional resources. As you cross those items off, you can schedule time to complete more complex tasks.

5. Celebrate. Once you have successfully cleared the decks, re-focused and are back on task, you should do something to celebrate.

Now I want to hear from you, what’s your two cents?: What tips do you have for dealing with overwhelm that you can share with Daylinn and other business owners?

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