5 quick tips to re-invent your social media posting strategy–Darnyelle A. Jervey

With recent reports indicating that Facebook is now a social networking platform to over 750 million people, it’s safe to say that no matter who your ideal client is, he/she is on Facebook. That being said, an effective strategy for reaching them and standing out from the noise makers who post and post and post without substance is the key.

Developing a social media marketing strategy is a great way to ensure that the post you create will be well-received and impact the growth of your business when you create an effective follow-up strategy. While many still boast that the best way to reach your ideal clients is to join the groups where they hang out, we don’t disagree; however, we suggest that in so doing, you get crystal clear about how to create client magnetic posts so that your time spent using social media combing for new clients is not lost in the sea of entrepreneurs who don’t know how to stand out in the crowded marketplace.

1. Research the group or page – when you’re added to a group without your consent, instead of just going with it or just deleting yourself, do your due diligence and research who created the group, why they saw the need for the group and who is actually in the group and actively engaged. While you may not have asked to be included, your inclusion could be just what your business needs. If your own thorough research proves that it is a place where your ideal clients hang out, stay engaged and actively participate in discussions.
2. Test the waters – submit a post that may be perceived by others as a bit controversial to see if they are really paying attention to what’s being said. Now, I’m not suggesting that you dilute your brand, character or integrity; however I am suggesting that you push the envelope. If you are a true expert in your industry, you know what the pain points are of your clients. Highlight the pain by creating a post that kicks them in the gut. Watch closely those who respond and present yourself to them with the pain killer because those who respond are the ones bleeding right now.
3. Make each post client magnetic – be sure that you are able to pull your ideal prospects toward you with compelling topics and articles, questions, comments, etc. As a rule of thumb, if you wouldn’t respond, they won’t either.
4. Give a killer call to action – want to know where most entrepreneurs go wrong? With their call to action – they get the prospect to the water but fail to tell them how to take a drink. Be sure you make it crystal clear what the next step is for those who want to deepen their experience with you. Make the next step a no-brainer for them and remember that everyone tunes into WIIFM – what’s in it for me?
5. Follow your posts – after you post and it goes down the stream out of initial view on the group’s wall, don’t let it go. Keep tabs on who is viewing and responding. Add the names of each person to your warm file – as with a proper follow up strategy you could score an opportunity to get acquainted with them.

Your assignment:

1. Identify at least one group that would greatly benefit from your expertise. Do your research to clarify that you’re in the right place, a place where your ideal clients are hanging out.
2. Introduce yourself to the group – three times in one day with the same post. This will ensure that many more people get to see it versus you only posting it once. Be sure to offer something that is a bit controversial in nature, to cause a stir from others (this is marketing 101). Be sure that the post is informative, contains value and has a killer call to action
3. Follow your post. Does anyone like it? What about commenting? Be sure to track those individuals for 1:1 follow up using the inbox feature on Facebook. If no one pays it any attention, this may not be your group OR your copy is not compelling enough.
4. Follow up with those who liked your post or made a comment.
5. If they respond offer them a get acquainted or next step conversation to learn more about how you can help them solve their problem.

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