5 Signs It’s Time to Surrender Your Business and Welcome More Growth

Have you ever been so silo-focused on a project that you just knew that you knew how to get it done yet when you found yourself not accomplishing what you needed to in order to get results, you couldn’t see straight because you thought you knew it all?

I have.

And, by thinking that I knew it all, I actually caused more damage than good and delayed the results I wanted to finish the project, which will ultimately grow my business.

If you have too, then you are like so many entrepreneurs who struggle with the need to control the fine details of running their business so much so that they miss the fact that under their control, their business is not growing.

I am of the belief that control is the arch-nemesis of abundance and when we have to be in control, we forfeit, or at least delay the abundance from entering into our lives and businesses.

The best way to gain abundance is to surrender control. Now, I’m not talking about the controlling stake in your company, but I am talking about the need to try to fix your major business building challenges on your own.

Can I be real with you? The fact is, if you could fix it, it wouldn’t be broke.

Likely, you started your business and had some semblance of clarity about how you were going to earn a profit. You implemented your strategies and you got some results. But then, your results stifled and your income reduced and you kept trying to fix the problem the same way. As they say, if you keep doing the same thing over and over again, but expect different results, you may be insane. Or, at least a control freak.

What needs to happen when you find yourself in this predicament is to seek help, you know, surrender. Just like when you self-diagnose and use over-the-counter medication and prolong your illness. This is what you’re experiencing now by trying to control the situation and get yourself out of the problem.

The fact is you don’t know what you don’t know and therefore can’t effectively solve your own business building challenges. You must employ an expert to help you so that you achieve your desired results.

Before I hired my first coach, I thought I knew it all. But what I knew had only attributed to about $20,000 worth of income in my business. I invested money I didn’t have to learn how to make more in my business and that is why today I am successful. I don’t have a problem in investing in those who can solve my challenges for me and it frees me up to do what I love.

It may be time to surrender to an expert to grow your business if:
• Everything you’ve tried has backfired, delayed your results or grown your level of frustration.
• You’ve asked your peers for help and they keep suggesting that you “just give it a little while longer, it takes time to penetrate the market.”
• You’re ready to throw in the towel and get a job because you can’t get your business to work – you’re not earning money and you are wasting time, energy and money trying to fix it by yourself.
• When you get up the nerve to hire someone, you instantly talk yourself out of it, saying “instead of hiring them, you can just apply the money you were going to spend to one more strategy that is sure to work for you.”
• You don’t love your business anymore. You are beginning to resent it because it takes you away from your family and it’s not performing the way it should be
• You know that you have something golden but for some reason, on your own, it’s not producing. You know in your gut that it is why you’re here and designed to change lives.

Contrary to what you’ve heard, there is no such thing as a self-made millionaire. Every millionaire has had people along the way guide, consult and advise them to the level of success they are blessed to be enjoying. As a country, we are interdependent not independent. That means that we need others (mentors, coaches, employees, advisors, investors, etc) to survive.

While you are unique, you are not different. You need other people to help make your dream a reality.

Your Assignment:
1. Take a sheet of paper and create 4 columns.
2. In the first column, list out all of the challenges you are currently facing in your business.
3. In the second column, beside each problem, list what you have done to attempt to solve them.
4. In the third column, list what will happen if you don’t solve this problem now.
5. In the fourth column, list experts you know who could help you solve the problem.
6. Create an action plan of the order in which you will surrender a problem to the one you deem best equipped to help you.
7. Take action based on your plan.

Should you surrender your business to me? Let’s schedule a discovery session to see if we are the right fit to grow your business.


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