7 Figures is the Floor

Let’s get one thing straight:

A 7 figure business is the floor

I know.

That probably feels “easy for me to say” as an Inc 5000 CEO of a multi million dollar company today, that now makes millions in days, but hear me out

I’ve been in business for almost 17 years.

The first three years, I was a statistic – not making $24,000 or $47,000 as a black woman owned business although I was hustling and grinding and doing all the things – that’s why I call them the lost years.

Part of the problem was I thought 7 figures was a lot. That belief is why I ended up bankrupt, back to work at a job and eating ramen noodles and peanut butter and jelly for longer than I care to share.

When I submitted my letter of resignation from the job that I took to avoid living in my car, one thing was clear: I had raised my deserve level and expanded my capacity for more and saw 7 figures for what it was, a stepping stone not a stopping point.

That first year full time again in my business I made $143,000

The next $273,000

Then $568,000

Then $1,800,000

What changed?

1. I DECIDED to BE a 7 figure CEO

2. I started thinking, acting and making decisions like a 7 figure CEO

3. I streamlined my business offerings. Instead of having several offers, I went all in on one core offer for each ideal client ( I have always served corporations and entrepreneurs) and those offers were well priced to collapse time

4. I tightened my strategy to get my leads flow consistent

5. I learned how to sell high end from the stage, via email, in conversation, in proposals – basically every which way

6. I built a CEO dashboard to track my KPIs (yes, even when were only doing $143,000 a year I had a dashboard )

7. I started creating systems – SOPs, process flows and automations so I didn’t have to start from scratch every time and positioned myself to build a team

8. I started to hire- very part time at first the goal was to free up time to do only what I could do and trust others to do the rest – today I have 7 FT employees

9. I gave my business the same respect I gave every job I had even when revenue was down, mistakes were made and I didn’t feel like it

10. I reviewed the data – kept and optimized what worked and ditched what didn’t without emotion

Here’s the thing – recognizing that 7 figures is the floor is the easy part. Being willing to become the CEO thought, word and action is where getting into the right community with proven mentorship and methodologies collapses the amount of time it takes to make it your reality.

Since 2021, we’ve been part of the journey of 45 first time 7 figure CEOs and 25 next 7 figure(s) CEOs making more millions and establishing wealth and financial legacy. This is my life’s work and I’m anointed for it.

We aren’t theorists; we are changing lives and business every single day.

It’s open enrollment for our Haus of Millions®️ Programs. Every level is designed to meet you where you are and position you to prepare and plan to make your next best move so that millions become your floor.

(Time frames will vary based on where you are now and what’s already set up in your business)

Ways to get started:

1. Join our Move to Millions Live After Party on Tuesday June 11 at 7 pm EST where I will break down all the Haus levels for you in grand detail. Register at http://darnyelle.com/after-party

2. Slide in my DMs so we can chat about your business

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