7 Keys for Working Less and Enjoying More in Your Small Business

As the CEO of my own company, I have historically believed that you have to work hard, you have to take in long days and you have to give your business the same respect that you once gave your job.

And while I still subscribe to each of these doctrines, I have made some powerful shifts that really allow me to be the CEO of my own company, a company that fully serves my life as much as it serves the lives of those I have the pleasure of serving.

I’ll be honest, it took some time and reconditioning to make the shifts I’m about to share with you. But if you ask me, they are all worth it. At the end of the day, having your own company, based on your gifts and talents is about being of service. And that service has to first serve you. We can all still remember the last time we were on board an airplane and the flight attendant reminded us to secure our own mask before helping those on the journey with us.

Well, as the CEO of a small business, the same rings true. If you don’t take care of the CEO, there may not be a company to serve others.

I learned this firsthand. By 2015, I not only had a seven-figure business, but I also had a serious hang over that was running me ragged and keeping me from enjoying all of the rewards growing my company should have afforded me. Not to mention that I was lonely as a joke and all the money in the world couldn’t keep me warm at night.

So, I made a decision.

I was going to shift my business model so that it served me. You see, I was serving everyone else and it left very little for me. It was around that time that I instituted the seven keys that allowed me to shift my business model and focus on the quality of life I truly wanted. (Hustling and grinding was never really my thing, anyway.)

1. I stopped chasing money and started chasing God. I know what you’re thinking, but deciding not to chase money allowed me to focus on fulfillment personally and when I started chasing my purpose and creator, an interesting thing happened – I made more money, in less time. You see, by focusing on who I am and what I offer the world, I was able to hone my value, clarify the problem I solve and the outcome I provide. And in so doing, I was able to craft a very compelling message that brought my ideal clients to my doorstep. By shifting my focus, it also removed the pressure to perform at a level that didn’t leave time for me to enjoy the journey. And truthfully, if you have a business that you don’t enjoy you should close it and get a job.

2. I increased my one to many offerings. By accelerating the leverage in my business, it began to require less of me, which gave me time to build my relationship, plan a wedding, sell a home, build my dream home, etc. If you’ve bought into the myth that the only way to offer results for clients is to serve them privately, we should chat.

3. I reduced what I offered potential clients. You have to decide if you want to be a buffet or a well-designed four-course meal. I chose the latter. The truth is the more you offer the harder you have to work and the harder it is to make great money – too many options confuse prospects. So, instead I went back to my problem progression and simplified it. And, I also decided to stop being a Band-Aid. I decided that instead of being a temporary fix, I’d become a complete solution. In making this decision, I noticed that my time was also reduced and as I served clients they got better results more quickly.

4. I created systems to automate the things I do over and over. Systems make success predictable. So by developing the right systems for my marketing, sales and operations, I freed up my time and was able to bring on key team members as well.

5. I took control of my calendar. When I had all the time in the world to work on or in my business, it took me all day every day to get key projects done. Once I decided that I only wanted to work my business 30 hours a week without sacrificing the financial results I’d become accustomed to, it required me to work smarter, not harder and it allowed me to “go hard” four days each week so that I could extend my weekend.

6. I built a strong, talented team who love my mission and get joy helping me live it. Being a solopreneur is not the “jam.” Being a CEO is the key to fulfillment in your business. And you don’t need a large team, your team can and should be lean but you need the right team members with the right skill sets who are fully committed to helping you expand your brand. One of the ways, we validate that we have the right team is through the use of Kolbe. As a certified Kolbe specialist, I’m able to ensure I have the right people on the right seats on the bus and I get to help my clients do the same.

7. I practice self-care daily and weekly. Again I say that taking care of the vessel that is you, the CEO is key to working less and enjoying more in your business. Be it a massage, reiki, exercise, rest, etc., I’ve become selfish about making sure that I am always my best and I don’t push myself beyond my known limits. I honor my vessel as much as I can and it honors me.

Ready to work less and enjoy more (including money) in your business, let’s schedule a time to chat. My Grow Mastermind could be just what you need to finally build a business that serves you.

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