7 Keys for Managing Life Transitions When You Run Your Own Business

Over the last nine months in my life, I have undergone several major life transitions. I’ve gotten engaged and married, sold a home, started the process to build a new home with my husband (which we close on next week) and changed my business model to allow for more of what matters to me.

When speaking with colleagues, they often ask, “how in the world are you standing?” Apparently, I’ve experienced nearly every life-altering event inside of nine months.

And my response, quite simply, is that I have learned how to manage transitions and how to focus on what’s most important even when everything around me is changing. It’s been a faith walk in every way to tap into my relationship with God to ensure that even though everything I’ve known is changing, I can see not only myself but also the good in it.  When you up your alignment game, abundance creates flow.

In my company, I work with service-based entrepreneurs and small business owners who, too, are managing life as they build their businesses. And when you’re an entrepreneur or business owner with a family, well, there is bound to always be some life event happening. And when they occur, we can’t just crawl into a hole and stay there until it’s over – we have to PRESS through. PRESS is an acronym for Persistently Run Expecting Supernatural Success. So, I’ve gathered a few best demonstrated practices that I know will serve entrepreneurs well now so that when a transition comes, they will not feel the impacts of it.

1. Always make time to recall your purpose and big reason why. Now, I’m not just talking about for your business; I’m talking about for your life. When you understand that your life is about way more than the distractions that arise when life is happening and that life is about way more than you business, you’ll handle them better. For example, while I’m doing all of this stuff I mentioned above, my mother’s health is also experiencing highs and lows. And while it is hard to see her in pain and struggling with her strength and health, I am clear that I am better to her if I recall my purpose and allow that to be a light in her dark times. Being able to share positive, life affirming experiences keeps a smile on her face. By staying in alignment with your purpose, you’ll realize that whatever it is you’ve been brought to, you’ll definitely be brought through it. As you re-focus you energy on why the transition is part of a bigger plan, you’ll grow and experience the flow.

2. ensure that self-care is a priority. As our friendly flight attendants remind us during the safety instructions on an airplane, each of us must secure our mask before helping those on the journey with us. So, in the midst of everything, I have made sure that I keep my self-care up. Massages, reiki, chiropractic adjustments, facials, hair appointments, manicures and pedicures, a hot bath, a good book – I put Darnyelle first. And my husband, parents, clients and friends get the best of me because I do.

3. Find your flexibility muscle and use it. It will be essential that you understand the importance of flexibility during this time. That means you’ll have to trust the process enough to know that sometimes what you’ve planned won’t happen. And, that’s ok. Now, when you have rigid client deadlines, you’ll need to make sure that you meet them so that you don’t find yourself losing a client during this already trying time.

4. Evaluate your circle of friends. This is a time when you need to be surrounded by people who edify and add value to your life, after all you’ve already got enough drama going on. If you are not surrounded by high energy, life-affirming people, you need to cut them loose, far too much is at stake. As a business owner, these days the majority of my friends also run their own businesses. This gives me an outlet that is often underestimated when your friends aren’t entrepreneurial. But when they can share parts of your journey, they can comfort and offer insights that enhance not defeat.

5. Find the grace in the transition. I am a firm believer of the principle that everything happens for a reason. And moreover, I also believe that if you’re given it, it’s because you can handle it. So, I invite you to find the grace in the transition. Find reasons to be grateful even though things aren’t the way you wish they were. Big or little, acknowledge the good in the transition.  And know that the transition is likely allowing for you to be able to slow down and focus as you need in this season. By looking outside of your situation and finding positive life-affirming moments to hold on to, the transition will pass much more swiftly. Remember, what you focus on expands.

6. Create a plan and schedule for business and keep to it. It’s so easy to let everything that is going on distract you and keep your from doing the things you need to do in order to still have a business once the transition has finalized. So, I recommend that you evaluate your schedule and your related business activity and modify the plan to allow for the space to manage the transition while still operating your business. You may have to go through this process on a daily basis, and if so, that is okay.  Take the time to reprioritize as needed, it will save your sanity. If you have already begun to build a team, you’ll want to meet with your team and advised them on what their role will need to be as you work through your transition. If you do not yet have a team, this will be hard, but it is essential if you still want to have a business that you spend time mapping the revised/temporary plan out and then committing to it. As I always say, you have a responsibility to give your business the same respect you once gave a job.

7. Get someone to hold you accountable to your goals even while undergoing major transitions. If you don’t belong to a mastermind or community-based accountability program like we offer at Incredible Factor University (IFU), your transition may take longer to pass. When life is happening it’s so easy to let the human in you take over (I’m talking about the part of you that lets fear keep them from taking steps toward what they truly desire). When you have accountability, it will keep you moving and help you to shift your focus so that your transition doesn’t over take you.

Now, I want to hear from you. How do you manage transition? What best demonstrated practices would you add to this list to help those in our community better manage their life transitions so that their businesses don’t suffer in the process?

In search of community-based accountability? We’d love to chat with you about Incredible Factor University and help you to determine if now is the time and we are the right fit to get you the accountability you need to achieve your big goals this year.

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