7 Simple Strategies to Ensure Your Products and Services are Clear and Practical–Darnyelle A. Jervey

Because I am a business and marketing coach and I work with entrepreneurs, who are by nature extremely creative people, I find that many of them get caught in what I’ve affectionately called the “cute syndrome.” You know, cute little names for programs and services, a pretty website with lots of color and no content or call to actions that produce no results and create no income, catch phrases and buzz words and sometimes even jargon. The big challenge when you’re stuck in the “cute syndrome” is that it is seldom clear and effective in getting your ideal clients to see you as the only solution to their problem, which after all is the reason we are all in business, right?

Once I explain to you what I explain to my private clients, they get it almost immediately. Cute doesn’t attract clients; cute doesn’t have money deposited into your checking account; cute seldom pays the bills. I assert, don’t be cute if clarity is the sacrifice. Think about UGG boots, they are not cute but their value is clear – they create an experience for the client that includes comfort, which is more important to their clients than being the most stylish option. I use that as my example in this week’s video, check it out now.

To become a successful service based entrepreneur, you’ve got to move beyond cute and focus on clarity. People only take action when the next best step is crystal clear. To create an environment where your ideal clients can move easily and effortlessly through your prospect and sales funnel, you’ve got to get clear on the transformation you provide as well as the results and benefits they will experience in working with you and displaying it in a language that is compelling, engaging and action-oriented.

Here are a few quick questions/tips you should consider to ensure that your content, sales copy, programs, products and services are clear and not just cute. As your assignment this week, ask yourself the questions following each tip:

1. When I visit your website, will I immediately be able to tell the transformation that I will experience if I opt to work with you?
Most first time visitors to your website will never look beyond the fold of your website so, your best stuff, the clarity of what you do must be laid out in a “power statement” making it obvious who you work with, how you solve their problem and the results they get from the moment ‘go’. If you fail to do that, ideal client prospects will click away, never to return.

2. Is your marketing messaging and website content compelling, engaging and easy to read?
Again, don’t be cute; be clear about your compelling marketing messages and case studies to illustrate what you do, how you do it and what others will gain when they hire you. Writing compelling copy is essential if you want to allow your website to make you money while you sleep.

3. Do you have social proof to validate the transformation you claim to provide?
It’s great that you say you can do something amazing for your clients. Really, it is. But who else is saying it? Are your previous clients singing your praises? Are the signing up to work with you again after their program is complete? Do you have one page on your website designated to reflect success stories or testimonials?

4. Does your Incredible Factor (USP, HUG, secret sauce and signature move stand out)?
Your Incredible Factor is your unique selling proposition, value proposition, hot undeniable gift, secret sauce and signature move all rolled into one yummy client magnetic package. When a prospect lands on your website is it clear to them how you stand out in the marketplace or do they look at your pictures and whisper, “aaww, that’s cute;” before they click away?

5. Are your call to actions clear, strategically placed so the prospect doesn’t get lost or confused?
Do you clearly lay out a path for prospects to follow to get closer to working with you or do they need to poke around until they find that needle in your website’s haystack?

6. Are your programs designed to make the results clear and are the next steps that should be taken clear and easy to follow?
Are you so focused on selling the contents of your programs that you never tell what participants have gained by being enrolled? Do you tell them what to do next if they’d like to enroll?

7. Do you have a way for them to sample your offerings that is irresistible?
An irresistible free offer is like the pink spoon at Baskin Robbins…it’s just enough to entice them to buy the full size…do you have one that they would do anything to have?

As you can see, cute doesn’t pay off in the world of entrepreneurship. So take my advice – stop being cute and get clear.

If you desire to gain clarity so that your cute creates cash, contact me for a Play Big Business Breakthrough Strategy Session – in 90 minutes I will replace your cute with clear so that you become an ideal client magnet.

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