7 Ways to Boost Your Confidence and Achieve Life & Business Success

Forget what you’ve heard, confidence is the new currency.  Don’t believe me?  When you walk into a networking event, and scan the room trying to determine whom you should meet, where do your eyes stop?  I’ll tell you – they stop at the person who “owns the room;” whose confidence is oozing out and catching your attention immediately.  Confidence is undoubtedly the first thing we identify in a person or company, and it is what gives us the courage to buy whatever it is they are selling.

Think about your favorite brands.  What are the things you love about them?  If I were a betting woman, I’d bet you that one of the things you love is the confidence with which their products get your attention and make a believer out of you.

As an entrepreneur or other business leader, confidence is one of your most important personal brand attributes.  Being able to exhibit this is the key to getting noticed and creating relationships that can advance your life and business.

So how does one become confident, you may ask? Well, the first step, if you ask me (like Chelsea did) is to know that you were born with confidence.  It wasn’t until life started happening to you that you became fearful of expressing all of your gifts and talents. So you’ve got to find your way back to the confident version of yourself but before I get ahead of myself, here’s Chelsea’s question:

“Hi Darnyelle I see you doing your thing and it’s inspiring because I want to be able to convey confidence the way that you do.  How can I grow my confidence and exude it in life and business situations?”

Check out this week’s Incredible Factor TV to see my response to Chelsea’s question:

Displaying your confidence is part of your birthright.  In case you’ve lost your way, try these tips out and if they fit you and your personality, ROCK them, because you deserve to build a life and business that brings you joy.

1. Focus on your core strengths and use them daily.  Each of us has strengths.  We were born with them.  You know those things you do innately well that you get well praised for, yep those are your strengths.  Your goal, is to begin using them each and every day.  Rather than spending time on those things that you do “okay,” spend as much time as you possibly can doing what you excel at.  This will build your confidence and position you as an expert.  By the way, I say core strengths because while there are things that you do well, there are a few distinct things that you OWN!

2. Shift your mindset.  It’s a known fact that you get what you expect.  So expect a yes, expect a new opportunity. Expect that things are aligned to work on your behalf.  When you shift your focus onto what you expect as opposed to what you may be experiencing, your confidence in those matters will soar.

3. Keep your confidence close.  I know this may sound crazy but what I mean is keep the things that boost your confidence and illustrate your value close to you.  Two of my favorite ways to do this – 1) an accomplishment journal and 2) my wall of fame.  Each lists what I’ve accomplished in my life.  They share the story behind my confidence.  So, when I am having a moment (yes, it happens every once in a while)  I can reflect on all that I have accomplished.  From making it out of my chaotic environment to starting and growing my dream business and everything in between., it’s all in my journal or visually represented on my wall of fame.   There’s even a previous episode of Incredible Factor TV about creating a wall of fame (click here to watch it).

4. Look your best each day.  When you look good, you feel good.  So, be sure to dress to the nines.  Don’t save that new dress until you have a special occasion, create one.  I remember when I was in Corporate America and we had a casual day, my performance naturally went down.  But when I was dressed in my best suits, I was polished, professional and productive!  Nothing puts pep in your step like knowing that you are looking your best.  

5. Practice bedtime praise.  One of my favorite things to suggest that my clients and students do is to spend 5 minutes before going to sleep praising themselves.  Before you settle in for a night’s nap, tell yourself three things you love about you.  And, if I may add, preferably in the mirror after brushing your teeth.  This will reinforce all that is amazing about you and position you to get up the next day, ready to confidently take on the tasks and assignments that will get you closer to your goals and objectives.

6. Build your “once impossible now easy” list.  If you haven’t guessed already, I love, love, love lists.  In fact I have a journal for everything.  Once such list is my “Once Impossible, Now Easy” list.  You know those things that you thought were going to be so hard that turned about to be a piece of cake….write them down.  As an example, one of the things on my list is running a mile.  It use to be impossible, but through strength and endurance training, I can now do it and accomplishing that task, you guessed it, boosted my confidence!

7. Get and play your theme song before meetings that could advance your life and business.  Now this is one of my secret weapons but I love music and music immediately shifts energy and repositions us to take confident steps toward our goals.  So, get a theme song and play it daily or many times a day if you need to keep your confidence high.

So those are my tips, now I want to hear from you. What’s your two cents?

  • How do you keep your confidence high?
  • What do you do when you are feeling unsure?  
  • How do you position yourself to be your best at all times?
  • What tips do you have for Chelsea that will help her?

I love reading your comments so I can’t wait to hear from you!!

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