Aprille Franks: Permission vs Partnership: Which Relationship Type is Impacting Your Business?

“Failure is acceptable to your husband because he married a woman, not a CEO.” –Aprille Franks

About Our Guest: Aprille Franks is a master business coach and purveyor of all things domination. Her brand Domination Nation with Aprille Franks is a next-level consulting firm that helps modern-day authors, speakers and coaches to create profitable brands that impact the world. To date, Aprille’s brands have a reach of over 1M with transformational training, coaching and support, establishing her as the go-to expert for purpose-driven entrepreneurs who want to do business on a higher plane and, in turn, reap higher profits.

Her whip-smart, in your face, coaching philosophy is rooted in strategic planning, sustainable action and implementation, an approach she honed while revitalizing multi-million-dollar commercial real estate portfolios as a consultant. When their high-stakes ventures were failing, investors and asset managers turned to Aprille to breathe new life into their businesses and bank accounts. While she ascended the success ladder, the financial market plummeted in 2007, along with her successful multiple six-figure career. Her financial and personal power now challenged, she did what a phoenix does best—she rose.

Aprille has written several best-selling books, produces lives events, short films and documentaries – all geared towards helping purpose driven entrepreneurs excel in life and business!

Episode Summary: When you work with a lot of women like Aprille and I do, you come across women who want to invest in themselves through your programs but they need to get permission from their husbands. These women often feel that they aren’t being supported by their spouses as they endeavor to start, build and grow their business. And trust me, I know that this is a conversation that will set a lot of women free so that they learn how to build a business that is supported by the partnership you have with your spouse. If you are a woman who desires to do anything and the person who “stands in your way” is your spouse, our hope is that you gain some practical insight to help you shift the dynamic in your relationship so that your business isn’t impacted.

If you are a woman who wants to invest to go the next level but you feel that you have to get permission to invest, this is a conversation you need to hear. Listen in to discover:

  • The exact thing that shifts your relationship from partnership to a permission-based relationship that stifles your creativity and ability to advance
  • How to avoid the façade of peace at the sacrifice of what’s important to you
  • 3 things you can do right now to get your husband on board with your goals to build a business that serves you
  • How you need to show up at home to get the respect you require for your vision
  • How to set up a proposal meeting with your spouse so that you can present a case that will get his buy in to move your business forward
  • How to remove the emotion from the ask
  • What you must do to prevent your partnership from drifting into a permission based relationship

Powerful Quotes from the show:

“Don’t you want to be in a relationship that is a true partnership where instead of saying ‘can I do this?’ You say ‘how can we make it happen?’” –Aprille

“Women need to view themselves as first class citizens in their households not the men.” –Aprille

“Women are digressing in their relationships and muting themselves.” –Aprille

“I can’t afford this shouldn’t exist for entrepreneurs.” –Aprille

“Failure is acceptable to your husband because he married a women not a CEO.” –Aprille

“There is a gap in growth in relationships that create the disconnect and disruption that impacts marriages and relationships. And because evolution isn’t occurring together, the no is easy.” –Aprille

“Everyone wants to communicate, and connection isn’t the issue – connection is.” –Aprille

“Bring the businesswoman, leave the wife at home.” –Aprille

“Remember that men are logical. Tap into WIIFM and share what the benefits are for the family.” –Darnyelle

“The same pitching you need to do to get a client is the same pitching you need to do to get a new investor (your husband).” –Darnyelle

“People support what they help to create.” –Darnyelle

Makes no sense to be victorious if you gonna be by yourself.” –Aprille

“It is not your man’s desire to shut you down. But you’ve got to speak a language that will allow him to support you.” –Darnyelle

“Remember that you have two jobs – and the first job is wife.” –Aprille

“Life is juicy good when the man who is with you is also for you.” –Darnyelle + Aprille

“It’s so respectful to be inclusive in your marriage. When your husband understands exactly what you do, everything will shift.” –Aprille + Darnyelle

“There are only wins that come out of understanding why your husband doesn’t support you and using what you learn to shift the trajectory of your relationship.” –Aprille

“The guy that you married signed up to be your partner. Remember that.” –Darnyelle

What Goes into a One-Page Prospectus To Get Your Husband to Become an Investor in Your Business:

  • Here’s What I Want to Do
  • Here’s Why
  • Here’s the Type of Support You Need
  • What You’re Going to Do (as a result of the support) 3 points
  • What is the Financial Potential of the Investment
  • What Does the Investment Look Like
  • Vision Casting

Aprille’s Incredible Factor Wisdom Questions:

Last book Aprille read: “The Power of Your Influence” by Stan Toler

Favorite Quote: “You can either see yourself as a wave in the ocean or you can see yourself as the ocean.” –Oprah

Tool Aprille can’t live without to grow her business: Marketing Automation Support – Aprille uses Ontraport


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