Can’t You Find It?

When your focus is on what’s missing in your life, do you ever stopped to wander why in the world you can’t find it?

I remember one time that I couldn’t find the keys to my car. I mean I tore my home apart looking for those keys. I kept retracing my steps and trying to remember where I’d seen them last but I just couldn’t find them. Late for a meeting, I finally conceded and grabbed my spare set to get out the door. As I drove to the meeting, my mind was preoccupied with my missing keys. I could barely focus on the drive and relaxing myself before the meeting because I was so wound up over those missing keys. Even once the meeting was over, immediately, my mind raced back to my missing keys and where I would look when I finally got back home. Needless to say, I did not find my keys that day or the next. It wasn’t until I changed my focus and stopped operating from a place of confusion, frustration and lack that they appeared out of no where. Ever happened to you?

Why does that happen????!!!!

I believe it’s because what ever you focus upon gets bigger – lack of money, relationship, health, in my case missing keys, etc – they all tend to stand out a little more when we focus on those things. For those who constantly say, “I’m broke,” or “I can’t find a good man,” or better still my favorite ‘I can’t seem to get any peace,” let me enlighten you: until your focus (mindset) switches from what you don’t have or can’t find, you will not welcome it into your experience. If we instead begin to focus on what we do have and take a stance of gratitude for what we currently have in our lives, we allow ourselves to open to the possiblity of welcoming into our lives what we really want.

It may sound crazy but it’s true. Take relationships as an example, everyone knows that when you stop looking for Mr. Right or Ms. Perfect, they appear out of thin air…is it coincidence, NO!

Do you have a desire for living a life filled with passion, abundance, confidence and expectation…but somehow you can’t find what it would take to make it a reality? It is my desire to unveil proven techniques to experience a life filled with each of these and more in my upcoming TeleSeminar Find Your PACE.

Sometimes you just have to change your vantage point to see that what you wanted and needed was there all the time.

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Darnyelle A. Jervey is a speaker, coach and author committed to transforming the lives of women through empowerment. More than a motivator, she imparts skills, strategies and solutions that enhances the lives of her clients. Her company, Incredible One Enterprises is a full service empowerment firm in Newark, DE.

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