Crafting Your Million-Dollar Message: The Insider’s Roadmap

The Entrepreneurial Journey: From Start-Up to Seven Figures and Beyond

As a future million-dollar CEO, I’m sure you have all the motivation in the world. You have an expertly crafted dream of where you want your business to be. But let’s get real for a second: moving from dreaming big to making millions isn’t just about hustling 24/7—it’s about nailing your message to effortlessly attract the kind of wealth you’re after.

**Understanding the Message to Market Gap**

You see, many six-figure CEOs have this pitfall—they’re stuck in what I call the ‘message to market gap.’ It’s like shouting into the void, hoping the right people hear you. But when your message doesn’t resonate with the people you’re targeting, it’s like winking in the dark.

Here’s the lowdown:

– 3% of folks already can’t get enough of what you offer.

– 7% are mulling over handing you their hard-earned cash.

– 30% are aware you exist, kinda like how I know biking is good for me but keep “forgetting” to do it.

– Another 30% are clueless about your awesomeness—yet.

– And the final 30%? They’re just not into what you’ve got on the table.

Now, you could keep cozying up to that 3% who already adore you, or desperately try to sway the ones giving you the cold shoulder. But let’s switch gears for maximum impact, shall we?

**Adding the SPICE to Your Message**

Let’s talk SPICE, and no, not the pumpkin kind. SPICE messaging zeroes in on:

– Specific: Nailing down the exact problem that’s keeping your ideal client up at night.

– Pervasive: It’s not just a small hiccup—it’s a common, widespread issue.

– Insurmountable: This problem is a beast they’ve tried—and failed—to tackle alone.

– Clear: They can see the problem and feel the pain but haven’t found the Band-Aid.

– Expensive: It’s costing them sleep, peace, and a whole lotta money.

The beauty of SPICE is that it taps into that emotional 93% and logical 7% that dictate whether someone’s going to trust you to be their problem-solver.

**Making Your Message Stick**

Still with me? Great! Now, how do you make sure your message sticks. It’s gotta be:

– Clear—no room for confusion.

– Concise—because nobody’s got time for a business story.

– Consistent—keep it steady across all the places you show up.

– Confident—own your brilliance.

– Compelling—it should pull at their heartstrings and wallets.

– Contrarian—stand out, don’t blend in; vanilla’s great for ice cream, not for business.

– And finally, it has to scream, “This will work for YOU!”

Our amazing clients are killing it because we guide them to craft messages that tick these boxes: they highlight a problem, paint an experience, drop some knowledge bombs, and poke right at their clients’ feelings.

Remember, your message is your megaphone to the world. Get that right, and the millions follow.

**Ready to Revamp Your Messaging?**

Having trouble sealing the deal with your ideal clients? Sometimes all it takes is a small tweak to turn your messaging into a million-dollar magnet.

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Learn more about Leverage and Scale Weekend today and start your ascent to millions with a message that doesn’t just speak but sings to the hearts and wallets of your future clients. Because, trust me, those millions aren’t just a dream—they’re your destiny.

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