Double for My Trouble: DAJ turns 33

As I write this, I have been 33 for one week and two days and I must admit, I am too excited. You see, I have self-proclaimed this next year of my life my “double for my trouble” year. You see, 3 stands for divine perfection, trinity and grace and with two 3’s coming my way, 33 years on this, God’s green earth, the way I see it, it only gets better with time. I stant to getting some serious blessings….and I am seeing doubles!

2008 was a year of lots of new beginnings, not the warm and fuzzy kind, at least not for me but it has been a great year. I learned a lot of new things about myself and about the strength that God stored up in my bosom and it has made me stronger, wiser and most importantly better. In honor of all that I was in 08, 09, the year of bearing fruit, will be my double portion year, which means that I will be opening my own produce stand!

The word I would use to describe what 08 was for me would be transition. I transitioned from everything that I knew and all the comfort that was my life. I learned how to live on the branch, where the fruit is and I learned that only what I do for God will matter. I had always been a person so concerned about what other people thought of me but as a result of several encounters with God in an intimate way, I learned that God is the absolute only determinant of who I am to be and become. As long as God is pleased, then I am all right with me!

33 is about self-realization and comfort in the skin I am in. 33 is about going after my dreams and living them with determination, honesty and integrity. 33 is about double! I am excited about being 33.

I am so excited about what is happening in my life: A new book and another on the way, an Incredible company and new business relationships and friendships that are destined to lead to greatness. A National Platform that is being birthed as I type this blog, living a life that is Incredible and enjoying every moment. Unleashing passion, abundance, confidence and expectation in my life and the lives of my clients and future clients.

I am getting double for my trouble in 09. What about you?

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