Emilio Antonio Guevara: We Should All Be Capitalists

“The greatest gift that God has given us is the gift of imagination.” –Emilio Antonio Guevara

About Our Guest:Emilio Antonio Guevara is the CEO of Capitalists Conversations – a platform to teach entrepreneurs the power of the best economic system in the world. Through his organization, which is devoted to espousing the virtues of capitalism by providing entrepreneurs and business leaders the opportunity in an intimate environment to have a two-way dialogue with businessmen and businesswomen that have succeeded in business. Emilio is charting a path to improve the mindsets and money distribution systems for entrepreneurs around the world.

Episode Summary: When I first learned about capitalism, it was presented to me as if it were a bad thing, filled with political undertones. Since I became an entrepreneur, I’ve realized the value of capitalism and free enterprise.

In the event that you think negatively when you hear about capitalism, I invite you to listen in to my powerful conversation with Emilio Antonio Guevara. Emilio will debunk several myths that may have messed with your ability to leverage this powerful economic system to maximize your business’ growth potential. In his cool, calm and collected way, Emilio will let you in on the powerful shift that every entrepreneur must make in order to understand the power of leveraging capitalism to build generational wealth. Because education precedes transformation, I invite you to take the limits off your thinking as you expand the way you see the key to your Next Level Everything.

Listen in to discover:

  • How entrepreneurs can truly benefit from leveraging the principles of capitalism in their businesses
  • How to take an idea and turn it into income faster than you can anywhere else
  • Why free enterprise is the key to breaking the glass ceiling on your earnings in your business

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Powerful Quotes from the Episode:

“I love that I get to do work that focuses on two core freedoms: free speech and free enterprise.” –Emilio Guevara

“The greatest gift God gave us was the gift of imagination. And we can use that imagination to generate billions.” –Emilio Guevara

“No other system or ism allows us to be able to do that.” –Emilio Guevara

“Where else can you execute on a God idea at 3 am?” –Emilio Guevara

“Mindset, belief, sacrifice and failure are essential to maximizing every opportunity that free enterprise affords us.” –Emilio Guevara

“Capitalism is about commerce, not politics.” –Emilio Guevara

“Where ever the first idea came from, there’s more.” –Emilio Guevara

“If you’re going to think big, think failure.” –Emilio Guevara

“Failure comes before success everywhere, not just in the dictionary.” –Darnyelle Jervey Harmon

Emilio’s Incredible Factor Wisdom Questions:

Last book Emilio read: “Action Has No Season” by Michael Roberts
Favorite Quote: “To every disadvantage there is an equivalent advantage, but you have to find it.” –S.B. Fuller
Tool Emilio can’t live without to grow his business: Mindset

How to Connect with Emilio Antonio Guevara:

Website: www.CapitalistsConversations.com
Instagram: www.Instagram.com/CapitalistsConversations
Facebook: www.Facebook.com/CapitalistsConversations

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