How Entrepreneurs and Business Owners Can Stay Focused on Their New Year Goals

Eyeglasses and eye chartAt the top of every year, anyone that has any desire to become a better version of themselves personally or professional sets goals. Some might call these goals resolutions – things we commit to doing better or differently to yield a different result. And by now, many who have set new goals are already behind the 8-ball.

I know, I know, we are only halfway through the first month of the New Year and yes, some are already off track.

I’ve seen this MANY times and that is why when I got the question below from Rose, I couldn’t wait to answer it in this week’s episode of Incredible Factor TV.

“Hi Darnyelle. I know it’s a new year and what happened in 2014 should stay there but I have to be honest. I didn’t achieve most of my goals and I am already finding myself getting sidetracked and this New Year just started. Help! I need to know what I should do to stay focused. Can you share what keeps you motivated?”

Watch my response to her question here:

One of the reasons I am so adamant that entrepreneurs make the shift to CEO is because the way you think predetermines the level of success you can achieve in every facet of your life, including your business. Let me explain. If you aren’t looking at your business as a corporation and thinking strategically and globally like the CEO of any Fortune 500, 250, 100 or even 50 company does, you will get off focus and as a result you’ll miss the mark. Intimidation or fear will set in and cause you to lose sight of the goal. There’s definitely a shift that must occur so that you aren’t finding yourself faced with distractions two weeks into the new year.

As I share in the episode, as an individual likely by yourself in your business, it is incumbent upon yourself that you focus and shut out the noise. The noise of the marketplace, the noise of television, the noise of anything that is preventing you from thinking clearly about the work that must be done to move the needle in your business. As I suggested to Rose, why not consider a fast. Fasting is very popular at the start of a New Year for various reasons. I’m suggesting that you fast from anything that is not serving you and helping you to achieve your goals. Take social media for instance, there are many who swear that a presence there is essential to attracting more clients. And I don’t entirely disagree but if your time spent on social media is checking out what everyone else is doing, you’re going about this all wrong and obviously not attracting new clients.

After you’ve fasted and eliminated the noise, you’ll be much clearer about what you’re desiring in your business this year. To that end, I recommend that you simplify your goals. First, drill your goals down to one per quarter. Yes, you read that correctly. By focusing on one major goal each quarter, you’ll immediately reduce the possibility of getting sidetracked. Now, to simplify your goals that much, it will take extremely clarity. So take the rest of this month, fast and get quiet and clear. Then, back step that into what you’ll need to do monthly, weekly and daily to ensure your quarterly goal is completed. One of my favorite questions to ask is “what is the one thing you can do today to advance your quarterly goal?” As you ask yourself that question, do that very thing. I think that by shifting your goals to have ONE major goal you focus on each quarter, you’ll achieve more success.

Now I want to hear from you, what’s your two cents?:  How do you recommend that Rose and others like her stay focused on the New Year’s goals they’ve just set? What are you going to fast from in order to eliminate then noise?

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