Focus on Your Focus Friday

Focus on Your Focus Friday: What you think about expands. Think with power, energy and passion about exactly what you want to expand in your life. Want more clients, want more money, want to attract your soul mate, want a deeper personal relationship and connection with God? FOCUS. When you focus and segment intent that which you want, you will create an environment that rises up to give you that very thing.

Quick example: I attended a women’s networking event last night. I was talking to a friend just before entering and I told him that I was going to win a prize. Sounds simple and innocent right? Well, my expectancy was set. And when it was time for the door prizes, I focused through the power of intention on the prizes that I wanted to win. I won a travel pillow – which is so cute and extra soft (perfect for all the time I spend on a plane or train) and I won a 1 hour massage, yum! Just before each of those prizes were given away via drawing, I clearly with power, energy and passion spoke, “This is my prize,” and wouldn’t you know it, I won each of them. (Now, I forgot to mention that there were two different drawing for which I entered) but you get the point.

Focus today on exactly what you want and will it to come your way by shifting your mind, speaking it with authority and believing that it is already done.

Be Incredible,

Darnyelle A. Jervey is the Incredible Factor Coach, she works with clients who are tired of playing small, ready to be big, do big and have big in their life and business. She defines and unleashes their Incredible Factor positioning them for more clients, more income and more freedom to live a big life. For more information, or your FREE audio “How to use Your Incredible Factor to Quantum Leap Your Life & Business” visit,

Be Incredible, Darnyelle

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