From Spec to Spectacular

You were born with everything that you need to be Incredible but somewhere along the way, you lost sight of that all important keepsake. Maybe it was because you were walking by sight and not by faith….maybe it was because your situation looks bleak and someone told you that “you’ll never amount to anything.” Or maybe someone told you that you were ugly and stupid and that no one would ever love you. You were gfoing to be just like your father, mother, sister or brother – you will be a hot mess! Let me encourage you this “Walk it Out Wednesday,” you may feel small (like a spec or particle of nothingness)and insignificant right now based on what is happening around you, but not so. You are still spectacular…you are Incredible. You were born with an inherent right to live Incredibly but will you ever walk into it. Get rid of doubt, fear, debt and trepidation….. When you take your eyes off your problems and focus on your promise, the Incredible in you will be unleashed…the spec will become spectacular.

Sight is such a distraction to purpose…if you do not know how to prevent what you see from adversely affecting what you believe, you will never realize the Incredible. With our eyes, we forfeit so much….if we could just put on blinders and walk it out in faith, fully convinced that what we seek we shall have because we have learned to speak it and even though we don’t yet see it, we know that it is going to happen, and happen Incredibly!

I’ll tell you a true story that helped me to go from spoec to spectacular….I use to have a best friend who never liked for anyone else to be doing anything better than she. She would down play anything you did because her self-confidence was low and she didn’t believe that she could achieve what her dreams were. One day, we were walking to the park and she said, “Darny (my nickname) I had a dream that you were going to be a bum when we grow up. I know that sounds crazy, but the dream was so real. I remember running into you years later and you were on the street corner with one of those homeless signs.” I started to cry immediately, why would my friend say that about me? I know today it is because she is an Incredible SNATCHER but she was supposed to be my friend, right. Well, I stopped crying mid way when I head a small voice say “don’t believe her. You will be great some day.”I started to smile suddenly, but I hid it a little because I didn’t want her to think that I knew better than she, she was bigger than I and I didn’t want to get into a fight (smile) I instead started to think of how I could get away from her because she was bringing me down. I focused on that small voice and continued to walk along side of her saying nothing. Out of nowhere, she stumbled and fell busting her lip and loosing a tooth. I believe today that occured because God doesn’t like ugly! The point is this: don’t cry and get discouraged when people tell you who they think you are….You are Incredible, focus on what you hear – that still small voice – as it tells you how Spectacular you are….Be like me and prove them wrong. Now, I’m not an evil person but I am sure she is some place where she can hear about who I am today because I didn’t allow her words and looking at what I saw hinder what I believed to be true about me. I encourage you to do the same.

What will it take to turn the spec into the spectacular? Four simple things: say them with me…. Purposeful Passion, Attitudes of Abundance, Consistent Confidence and Enthusiastic Expectation. When you find your purpose and illuminate your passion by developing and sustaining an attitude of abundance in all things regardless of what you see with your natural eyes, you beccome fully convinced in your ability to do anything to which you put your mind and therefore expect to achieve the Incredible in your life, the spec will dissipate and the spectacular will rise.

Focus on your P.A.C.E. this week and experience a Moment of Manifestation.

Be Incredible,

Darnyelle A. Jervey is a national speaker, author and consultant. For more information visit

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