Fruit fit to Enjoy

“You can’t enjoy the fruit, if you don’t nourish it from the root. Feed your mind with empowering thoughts, words and actions.” ~Darnyelle A. Jervey

I am so excited for today’s post…..At bible study yesterday, my pastor said something profound….He said, when you want fruit, where in the supermarket do you go? You go to the produce department right? Of course! Produce is the root word for production or….taking ACTION to being able to enjoy the fruit of your life. Darnyelle translation…Do the Incredible!!!! Now, you know I’m not talking about just any fruit, I am talking about passion fruit….

On a previous post, I described passion fruit…it’s juicy, its power-packed and full of vitamins and minerals to aid the body in digestion and offer energy that will empower your body to run a marathon! When you bear Passion fruit, watch your life change and your destiny be manifested in your life. What you send into the lives of others, most assuredly comes back into your own….

What he said wasn’t that profound, it was the manifestation of what he said. As my mind began to pontificate over his words, I got elated in my spirit…work…we must work to build the fruit of our lives. Our minds must be filled with empowerment…but we have to put it there…Life is full of choices and choosing to nourish ourselves and others is what will make a significant difference in our lives and the lives of others.

It’s not going to always be easy to bear fruit but it will always be worth it. I have always said if you don’t have anything empowering to say, don’t say anything at all because saying nothing can often be an illustration of the juicest passion fruit the world has ever tasted.

So, how do you nourish the fruit?

1. Make a non negotiable decision that being a fruit bearer is a part of your job description.

2. Input determines output. What are you putting into your produce stand? Are you watching garbage on television, listening to crap on the radio, reading trashy novels? If you don’t put good stuff in, good stuff will not come out.

3. Attract the Incredible. Of course I can’t leave this one out. Fruit bearers attract fruit bearers. When you look at your circle of influence, do you see production in their lives? If not, run forest run.

4. Commit to producing fruit. Challenges will come but those who bear fruit will always prevail by doing it anyway. It may not always be easy but it will always be worth it.

Have an Incredible Walk it Out Wednesday.

Be Incredible,

Darnyelle A. Jervey is an empowerment speaker, author and consultant and the founder of Incredible One Enterprises, LLC. For more information, please visit

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