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I think if you surveyed 100 people, they’d all agree that a successful business woman is a visionary. She is able to clearly articulate who she is, the value she adds and pool the resources to turn her vision into a reality. She effectively creates a team and shares her vision and empowers the team to execute her vision. She is clearly proactive and focused on doing her best work and influencing the lives of others in a tremendous way.

Sadly, most business owners that I come into contact today for one reason or another, have become reactive in their businesses. They’ve forgotten the vision or they’ve allowed their vision to take a backseat to excuses. They are no longer focused on ensuring that their vision starts a movement and that their products and services change lives, they are instead engaged and engulfed in survival mode…because of the economy, because resources are scarce, because they can’t attract new clients, and the list goes on and on.

At what point is enough enough? At what point do you recall the vision and stop reacting to what’s going on around you and instead start proactively doing what you know that you were created to do? Your Incredible Factor – your secret sauce, your signature business move, your unique selling proposition which allows you to stand out in the crowd is not a reaction to what’s happening in the marketplace. It is a solution, a proactive inference, into what one needs to solve major problems and enjoy the life they desire. Your ideal clients NEED your Incredible Factor. You know that! I’m not telling you anything new.

So why don’t you start acting like it? I know why. Because you start each day watching the news and you see all the destruction and negative messages the media want to plant into your mind. You’ve let them convince you that everyone’s business is suffering despite the truth that new millionaires are being born every day. They’ve got you convinced that your dream is just that and you need to get a job. But let me be clear: Businesses that are proactive are flourishing and will always flourish because their mindsets are focused on what’s must be done to serve others in a big way.

Repeat after me: I am positively expecting great results in my business no matter what I see in front of me.

With this one proactive statement, you can declare a movement and shift from what you see right now to what you see in your heart as the reason why you went into business in the first place. Here’s how:

1. See the Incredible – take some time, go to a quiet place and visualize what you desire for your business. What is your mission statement? Why do you exist? Why do people need your products and services? What products and services do you have planned to deliver in the next year? 3 years? 5 years? That will solve their problems. Who will you enlist to help you spread your movement? To become proactive in your business again, it will take vision.

2. Write the Incredible. Do yourself a favor and get a journal and write it down in positive, present tense. Write it all down. Every plan, every thought that will add values to the lives of others. Just dump your heart onto the pages and you envision your business as the strong, viable solution it was created to be in the marketplace. Remember, what gets attended to gets done. List the problems each product will solve in the marketplace. To become proactive in your business again, you will have to write your goals down. Doing so, will hold you accountable.

3. Attract the Incredible – shift your circle of influence. Join a mastermind with a qualified leader, hire a business coach, review your current associations and if they are not adding value and increasing your proactivity, cut them lose.

4. Plan the Incredible – after your written it down and shifted your circle of influence, it’s time to create a plan of action so that you can begin to proactively forecast each step it will take to get your business back on track. Your business coach will be able to actively assist you with this step.

5. Unleash the incredible – take action. Pass Go, collect $200 go immediately to the action steps that include full implementation of your plan. To become proactive in your business, it will take massive action. You must unleash with positive force and consistent action what you know must be done to change the lives of more people than you are currently serving.

6. Repeat as needed to stay proactive in your business. It matters very little what is going on around you when you are clear on what you must do to serve others in a big way.
Here’s to a proactive business model that serves your ideal clients in an Incredible way!

©2010 by Darnyelle A. Jervey. All Rights Reserved. Darnyelle A. Jervey, The Incredible Factor Business Mentor and Coach, is the founder of Incredible One Enterprises, LLC and the Leverage Your Incredible Factor System ® a proven step by step program for turning your passion into profit. For more information and a FREE audio CD “How to Use Your Incredible Factor to Attract MORE Ideal Clients” visit

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