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When I was little, I was often found in a place I had no business (no surprise, I’m sure) and an adult would always yell, “Darnyelle Antoinette you had better get somewhere and sit down!” Powerful words which are filled with lessons that we should apply to our lives today. I’ve notice in working with clients from around the country the location may be different but the story is the same: We don’t spend enough time “getting somewhere and sitting down.”

Have you ever meditated? Have you ever just STOPPED what you were doing and centered yourself?

Maybe you need to. It could change your life. It changed mine

I believe in the power to get quiet and truly tap into your spirit and begin to live and breathe from your heart because it offers an experience that is Incredible! It renews your focus on what truly is important. HINT: It’s usually NOT what we think it is before we get somewhere and sit down!

In general, we are way too busy, way too focused on things that don’t matter and we spend too much time sweating the small stuff. I invite you to find a quiet place, light a candle, turn on some soft, comforting music and repeat the following phrases:
I Love You. I’m Sorry. Please Forgive Me. Thank You.

I love You – you are talking to yourself. We spend way too much time being overly critical of every step we take and we never stop to celebrate our success and accomplishments. We want others to say these three words but if we don’t say them to ourselves, how can we expect others to say them to us? From the self-love you express to yourself, you explore and unleash the power to change mindsets and live dreams.

I’m Sorry – again you are talking to yourself and you are apologizing for not being authentic, for focusing on things that don’t matter, for not taking time to tap into your spirit and live from your heart.

Please forgive me – you are talking to the Creator, now that you have apologized to yourself, ask for His forgiveness so that you can be liberated to go forth, refreshed and renewed.

Thank You – in an extreme act of gratitude, you are talking again to the Creator and thanking Him for His sovereignty and for creating you. Abundance is all around us and as I was recently reminded we miss it because we need to be in control. Control is the arch nemesis of abundance, I encourage you to let go and watch the overflow come into your life.

Repeat over and over until a calm settles in your heart. After you’ve finshed the four phases and you feel a sense of release and a reneweing of your spirit, stay there long enough to enjoy the journey upon which you are about to embark now that you are free to fill your heart with all the abundance it can hold.

Be Incredible,
Coach Darnyelle

Darnyelle A. Jervey is the speaker, coach and author that founded Incredible One Enterprises, a full service empowerment firm committed to imparting skills, strategies and solutions to define and unleash the Incredible in You. For more information about Darnyelle, please visit

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