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Do you remember the movie Malcolm X? At the end, when they had finalized their plot to kill him, they got the ruckus started with a man standing up and saying “Get your hand out my pocket,” in a loud and charasmatic voice.

When I began to think of what I wanted to blog about today, I thought of that movie and what that meant to me. Your pocket is a symbol of possession and possession is often tied to money or lack there of. If you happen to have an unhealthy relationship with money, your pockets are probably empty.

When it comes to healthy relationships, whatever we love, honor and respect creates a foundation for relationship success. i mean think about it. Think of you boo…you love him/her right? On what foundation is that relationship based? Honesty, integrity, trust, collaboration, etc I could go on and on….The same must be true of your love affair OR emotional rollercoaster with money.

Many people are caught up in a mindset that money is evil. But let me be clear, money is not evil….an obsession of money that alienates others is evil. And that obsession could be positive or negative. If you are so caught up in what you don’t have that it stifles you, you are obsessed with the very thing you don’t have and that can be constrewed as evil.

As the Bible says, you cannot serve two masters. I am not suggesting you serve money, quite the contrary. I am suggesting that you understand the reason why money exists and develop a healthy understanding as to why you need it in your life.

Again, let me be clear. You need money, as do I. Money gives us choices, and when you invite the shift of how to look at money and how respecting money for its purpose can allow you to live in a space that is the opposite of lack – abundance life can truly begin.

1. Complete a Self-Assessment of what you think of money. Is it healthy or unhealthy? When you were growing up, did you live with people who constantly said, “I don’t want to be rich, I just want to get by?” Did you constantly tell yourself and others, “It’s not about the money; I don’t need to be rich?” That is not the abundance that Jesus died for and you are entitled to. How do you feel when you have money? How do you feel when you don’t? Do you have healthy spending habits? Are you always saying I’m broke? Are you upset or jealous when you see others with money? These are unhealthy traits that are affecting your ability to have a great relationship with money.

2. Be honest with yourself. Own it and then prepare to change what needs to change to develop a healthy appreciation for money. What do you need money for? Why would money be a blessing to your life? Who would you be able to help if you have more than enough money?

3. Develop a relationship with a coach to help you to change your mindset and create an alignment that speaks to the abundance to which you are entitled.

4. Give. By giving, you attract money to come back to you. I give away $1 a day by hiding it in a place that someone will find it and be blessed. $1 won’t break your checkbook but it will change your financial picture. Don’t believe me…try it for yourself. Don’t make it about you. Just arbitrarily hid $1 and know that your generosity will bless some one else. I know that the law of reciprocity is at work when you freely give of the abundance that has been given to you.

Be Incredible…it’s already in you,

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Darnyelle A. Jervey is a certified coach, speaker and published author committed to imparting skills, strategies and solutions to define and unleash the Incredible in you. It is her desire to connect with women and help them to achieve a balance in life and business that allows for their Passion, Abuandance, Confidence and Expectation to create the Incredible life that they were created to live. For more information or to complete your FREE 30-minute coaching consultation request, visit

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