How Being Different in Business Will Keep Your Client Pipeline Full

Ever spend a few times a week with a colleague and then see him or her a few days later and while you can’t put your finger on it, you know that something is different?

People are programmed to notice what’s different.  

Well, your clients, too, are programmed to notice what’s different about you and how those differences can help them to solve a major problem and get a new result as a result of working with you and that is why understanding your unique selling proposition and creating a compelling positioning statement around it is key to getting and keeping clients.

I remember when I was younger and how people made fun of me because I was different.  My name was different. My skin color was different. The clothes I wore were different.  I remember when my teacher, Mrs. Dixon,  told me to celebrate those differences because one day those differences would make me rich.  

She never lied. 🙂  In fact, part of the reason I could relate to Yvette’s question is because I know how much being different makes you stand out in a way that fills not only your business but your bank account.

“Hi Darnyelle.  I have been struggling with my USP.  I know that I need to figure this out and if I don’t, I run the risk of not being able to attract clients and gain new industry exposure.  Can you please shed some light on how I can break this down and create my USP Statement?”

When you watch this week’s episode of Incredible Factor TV, you’ll see exactly what I mean and how you can apply it to being different in your business.

Like I share in this week’s episode, you have to create a compelling USP positioning statement and share it consistently and when you do, you will get more prospects that you can turn into purchasers via your discovery session process. Now, most people really struggle with how to articulate their differences.  Here are a few tips to help you to uncover them:

  1. Ask your clients. They hired you, didn’t they?  They chose you for a reason, ask them what it is.
  2. Review the process you use to help your clients.  While it may seem commonplace to you, likely there is something that you do that is unique that is the catalyst for the results others experience when working with you.
  3. Focus less on industry standards like customer service, timeliness and professionalism. While this may not be standard assume that it is.  You have to take the time and dig a little deeper to uncover your USP.
  4. Complete a SWOT Analysis.  This one has been coming up a lot lately but it is so great for uncovering uniqueness. 

Here’s the formula I shared in the episode again:

I help [insert your ideal client] do [insert the problem you solve] so that they [insert the ultimate goal or result].  In fact, [insert a factual positioning statement of how the work you do gets results for your clients.]  I’m different from other [insert your industry title] because [insert your USP or what makes your work unique, results oriented and client magnetic.]

And like I told Yvette, if you struggle with the last part, ask a client why they chose to hire you.  Often the words they say will resonate immediately with a new prospect because people in pain describe the pain the same way.

Need help writing your USP statement? Consider our consulting options to help you to create a USP statement that will make you a client magnet.

So, what say you?  How has focusing on your differences helped your business?  How do you answer the question when asked?  What about creating a USP statement causes challenges for you?  Sharing your questions or comments below so that we can hear how this week’s episode and blog post will help you to create a client magnetic USP statement to grow your business.

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