How to Leverage the Law of Attraction to Build Your Business

currency magnetYour thoughts become the things that you manifest in your life. What you think about you bring about. Whatever you’re thinking and feeling today is creating your life.

These are all ways to describe the power of The Law of Attraction. As one of the most powerful universal laws, the Law of Attraction is the “reason” for everything – good or bad – you have going on right now in your life (and business).

I remember when I first became aware of the Law, like most people, it was at the introduction of The Secret. But I still didn’t take hold of the Law and apply it to my life and business. And as a result I struggled. If I had it to do all over, I would have paid more attention. Because today, I am very conscious of what I speak, think and create.

This week on Incredible Factor TV, I am answering Jayla’s question. Check it out:

“Hi Darnyelle, I’m new to understanding the Law of Attraction and now that I have become aware, I am seeing it everywhere. I am one who often gets sidetracked by distractions but I feel that there is merit to this universal law. Can you help me understand how it can help me grow your business?”

See my response to her question in this week’s episode:

As I share in the episode, this law is about growing a business per se, but if you aren’t thinking about growing your business, it will make it hard to experience growth.

The process for leveraging the Law of Attraction is simple:

  1. Ask by deciding what you want. Make the “ask” non-negotiable.
  2. Believe with unwavering faith that what you’ve asked for will be given to you unconditionally. In your belief, express your gratitude.
  3. Receive by shifting your energy and feelings to focus on what it will feel like to get what you asked for.

When you consistently ask, believe and receive you will be able to add anything you desire to your life or business experience. As you wait for what you asked for to show up, try these tips:

  • Get clear about what you desire. By taking the time to set your vision you can begin to clearly see it in your mind before it arrives in your life. And remember, if you can’t get there in your mind, you will never get there. By taking at least 10 minutes each day to visualize what you’re wanting, you will position yourself to receive it much quicker.
  • Visualize yourself with growing business, more clients, more income and opportunities. By visualizing what you desire in your mind’s eye and via your vision board, you will attract it much quicker as long as you believe and don’t doubt that it’s on the way. It will take unwavering faith. You’ll have to refuse to allow what you see to hinder what you believe.
  • Raise your appreciation of your vision. By taking the time each day to set an intention and to appreciate what you’re desiring, you’ll heighten your receipt of it. Be it more clients, more income, or more opportunities, start by visualizing and being appreciative as if you are already enjoying it. Every morning, I take the time to write down in my journal everything that I am grateful for and appreciative of.
  • Feel good. No matter what is going on, you have to feel good. Your feelings trigger your vibration and your vibrations bring or takes away what you desire or asked for. By focusing on feeling good no matter what, you’ll accelerate the receipt of what you desire. When I made the decision to focus only on what makes me feel good, I noticed so many things shift in my life and therefore my business. While it may sound strange, feel good about every client, every sale, every dollar earned.

Now, I want to hear from you: What’s your two cents? How have you leveraged the power of the Law of Attraction to experience growth in your business?

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