How to Manage the Balancing Act of Entrepreneurship

Most entrepreneurs wear multiple hats in their businesses. Most have a “hustle” mentality and in their desire to hustle, they miss the most important mark. I became an entrepreneur because I truly believe that in order for me to serve the world using my gifts and talents I had to be free, not stuck behind someone else’s desk. But, I almost missed the mark too; by not finding a way to balance my desire to “play big” with my demand to live a life worth celebrating in every way. You see, often as entrepreneurs in order to have a thriving business our health or other areas of our lives suffer.

It’s happened to me. BUT it won’t anymore. I stopped trying to be “super”  entrepreneur and decided instead to work smarter and find balance.

There is an ongoing debate about balance….you know, does it really exist? I look forward to hearing your point of view.

When I took on the task of entrepreneurship, I knew that I was going to have to manage many things – notice I didn’t say multi-task….you do realize that you really can’t multi-task because nothing gets done. But, you can create balance so that you get done what must be done to advance your business, serve your clients and increase your market share.

This week, my rant is all about my own journey, seeking balance. I learned last year that if I wanted to grow my business, I had to put down a few of the balls I had in the air in the name of delegation, so my tip for you this week is to realize that you get balance when you stop having to be the one in control at all times. Now, trust me, there are many places where I seek balance – like the variance between those who need my help and those who can afford to invest in my services or those who want me to speak for free and those who value my professional status, and don’t even get me started about the balance needed to run a six figure business….needless to say, you can’t do all things well so you have to learn how to manage the balance….

Do you realize that control is the arch nemesis to abundance? How can you experience the freedom that comes along with the flow of knowing that you are doing what you were called to do if you must be in control? The quick answer, you can’t.

In an effort to find your balance, here are my recommendations:

1. Create a vision – when you’re clear on what you see, it is much easier to implement. Taking the time to create your vision is essential to balancing the demands of entrepreneurship. My recommendation is that you find some quiet time, about 20 minutes a day and during that time, sit quietly and see yourself managing the achievement of all your goals. Did you catch that….managing the achievement – this is a key to getting balance.

2. Create a plan that implements your vision – once the vision is set, it’s time to get it on paper, via a plan that has concrete steps and strategies to be implemented so that the vision becomes a reality in your life and business. Your plan should be a detailed road map, outlining which steps to take and how to manage the detours that may happen along your journey.

3. Solicit assistance – a true entrepreneur does not try to do it all – they solicit assistance to help complete tasks that are out of their realm of expertise. When a plan has been laid out correctly, it will be easy to determine who you need to enact a strategy and ensure its completion.

4. Enact boundaries – setting boundaries is a fundamental strategy to getting balance in your business. If expectations are not clear and tasks are not assigned according to skill sets, it makes it much more challenging to ensure the vision you’ve laid out will become a reality. Those boundaries that you set are your own personal boundaries as well as those of others to ensure that the vision is not offset and ultimately abandoned.

5. Review your plan – periodically, a review of your plan is necessary to ensure that balance is happening. Is an adjustment necessary? Do you need to enlist new assistants? *Please note that the review, in my recommendation should minimally occur on a quarterly basis.

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