How to Shift From Enduring to Enjoying in Your Business

Endurance.  Apparently it’s a good thing to have endurance, whether you are a car or an entrepreneur.  But, if you’re enduring instead of enjoying your business, endurance is not such a good thing.

For the past 6 months, I’ve been enduring in my business.  Now before you assume, let me clarify.  I’ve been doing way too much, juggling too much and not focusing on my areas of brilliance.  I admit it.  It seemed to be easier to just do it rather than to take the time to find the right person to do it. Even though I have the finances to hire new people.

And, I got to thinking… how many other people are out there just like me, enduring?

Well,  today, thanks to a good friend,   the light bulb finally went on.  I have become so bogged down with mundane tasks that I’ve sucked the enjoyment right out of my business.

Yup. I wasn’t enjoying it.  The travel, the day to day.  Just doing it because it had to be done. I hope you appreciate my transparency….but I couldn’t keep it to myself now that I am crossing back over into enjoyment!

So normally on my blog each week, I am answering an entrepreneur’s question.  

Not this week.

This week, I’m asking the question.  Watch this week’s episode of Incredible Factor TV to see what I mean.

Like I said in the episode, if you, like I,  find your self stuck in an endure, you have to make the shift to begin to enjoy it again.  Here’s what I recommend:

1. Get to a quiet place and settle yourself.  Even if for just five minutes, the peace and calm will bring you some clarity.

2. Next, create a list of EVERYTHING that has to get done in your business. Write down each and every task no matter how enjoyable or mundane.  This will be liberating to get it our of your head and onto paper.

3. Then, isolate what from your list that you don’t enjoy. Yes, the things you abhor doing (in the episode, I used the word hate. I know that was a little strong but when we do things we hate, we endure. ) If you don’t like it, put a star or circle around it.

4. After that, identify WHO you could engage to do those things for you. Enter high school students, nieces and nephews, college interns.  Anyone really who could perform the task to completion on your behalf.  Get creative instead of making excuses and find ways to pay them that may not need money.  While I am not an endorser of barter relationships, if that is the only way to get rid of something on your list do it.  Getting you back to enjoyment is my primary goal.

5. Lastly, take action towards getting at least one of those things off your plate.  Just one foot in the right direction will shift your position!  

And I have to share that as soon as I made the list and starting to identify who I could hire to do the work for me, I felt 100 pounds lighter.  

Now, I know that many people get to this place of enduring but they don’t talk about it.  Y’all know that’s not how I roll.  I believe that real people have real experiences and that makes the businesses they grow better equipped to serve other people.

What say you?  Which side are you on: enduring or enjoying [be honest] and what will you do to make the shift?

I can’t wait to hear from you!!! And, I know that the Incredible Factor community will benefit from your two cents as well.

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