How to Succeed Online with a Small List

No doubt with the flurry of activity happening online, you’ve decided to throw your hat into the Internet marketing ring.

It makes sense, right? Well, maybe but let me explain.

If you’ve decide that marketing online can’t be that hard because you see so many other people doing it successfully, your view could be a little distorted. You see, there’s a lot that goes on in the background of an Internet marketing strategy that your novice eyes just might not realize and as a result you could get your feelings hurt.

Remember, you don’t know what you don’t know.

Know that if your strategy is well thought out and planned but doesn’t yield the results you were expecting, it’s likely that it’s not you, it’s your numbers.

I have shared with many a client or student that while online marketing is strategic, it is also a numbers game. Don’t fret, even with a small list you can win.

Watch this week’s Incredible Factor TV Episode to see what I mean:


Because it’s a numbers game to get big results you can’t follow the same strategy as a Mega Online Marketing Genius. You’ve got to adjust for the numbers you currently have and fully consider them in your entire strategy.

Remember, they aren’t better than you, they just have more people!

For starters, recognize that no matter how good you are, you can expect 1-3% to take you up on your offer. That’s it. 1-3%. So with that in mind, let’s move into today’s assignment:

  • How many people are currently on your list?
  • How often do you communicate and engage with your list?
  • How often do you currently give your list a specific call to action?
  • When you do, what are the results you receive?

Based on what you’ve learned from answering these questions, your strategy will need to be tweaked so that you can achieve the financial goal you set every time you decide to offer a product or service to them.

As you noticed in this week’s episode, I gave you a sure-fire strategy that will allow you to earn more anytime you offer something online. You can thank me later 😀

Need help creating an effective online marketing strategy that will work with your numbers? Consider our consulting options, I’d love to help make your next online marketing campaign an Incredible One. 

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