How to Up-Level Your Clients in 2013

No doubt that as you started the New Year your main goal was to make more income in your business, right?

Well, that’s really no surprise, most people decide to up-level their business each year and amongst their plans is making more money. But where most entrepreneurs go wrong is they just “willy nilly” raise their rates but never consider raising the profile of their ideal client.

It is likely that your current client will continue to invest in themselves through you if you’ve done a good job creating an experience for them. But what about a new prospect who’s never heard of you? And you are marketing to them with your old client profile in mind with your new prices?

Potential Disaster.

When you raise your rates (which I recommend a minimum of twice a year by the way) you should also review your client profile (Audience of One ®) to see if you can use the same marketing message with a new investment level and successfully attract and close new clients.

Watch this week’s episode of Incredible Factor TV to see exactly what I mean:

Oftentimes, your profile must be tweaked. Here are some questions to consider as you look to make adjustments to ensure your marketing message will resonate with those who are ready to invest with you at your up-leveled prices:

As you build your profile, you want to know:

  • Who would they say that they are?
    • Is there anything new I need to consider about whom my client must be in order to invest at my new higher rates?
    • Are there values the same as my previous ideal client’s profile?
    • What labels will they resonate with?
  • What would they say that they are struggling with most right now?
    • Have their top-of-mind problems shifted?
    • Do I need to highlight their problems differently?
  • What do they need most right now so that they stop struggling?
    • As I raise my rates, what do I need to consider as an inclusion to illustrate the value to my new ideal client prospect?

As you see and respond to these questions, what comes up for you? What are you realizing about your ideal client profile? What will you adjust to be able to attract an up-leveled client? I can’t wait to hear how this has helped you. Please leave us a comment below to share how this week’s blog will help you to up-level your income and clients in 2013.

And, if you find you need help making the transition, consider one of our consulting options to help you.

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