Is Your Incredible Factor in a Holding Pattern? Darnyelle A. Jervey – Speaker, Coach, Author

I flew to and from Atlanta this past weekend to deliever a new workshop, The Incredible Factor. I had a blast and the small but mighty group of women got just what they needed in those 4 hours to produce a mindset shift that would allow them to turn their passion into profit. Each of the ladies has reported a significant shift giving themselves permission to Own their Incredible Factor.

On the way to and from Atlanta, we were delayed because of the weather. Essentially, we were in a holding pattern. We were unable to modify the current events, we were foced to wait. While people around me were frantic for one reason or another, I sat peacefully…what quickly entered into my heart was that “delay is not denial.” Afterall, I was coming back to my home in Delaware…just a little later than I had expected but I was okay with that….I believe that we should focus on what we can control, not what we can’t. I remember one particular gentlemen. He was livid. Mad about the extra 45 minutes of “down” time, he scoured at the airline attendants at the gate. Sometimes, for reasons we cannot comprehend, we get delayed. Instead of embracing the delay because it is working in our favor, we become belligerent and produce a negative emotion that attracts more of the same in life and business. That, Incredible One, is what they call a holding pattern.

What I’ve realized in working with a few of my business coaching clients and traveling for speaking engagements recently is that many people have somehow gotten their Incredible Factor stuck in a holding pattern. Bottom line, they are stuck. They’ve been doing what they’ve been doing and settling for the results they’ve been receiving. They’ve not gotten clear on their value and their ideal client and as a result they are stuck, fearful, unsure, confused…holding for a change to come but completely unaware of how to usher in that change.

The universe can not restore your Incredible Factor and turn your passion into a profit until you get clear by releasing yourself from fear, guilt, confusion, inauthentic activity and lack of integrity.

What are you holding on to that is preventing you from getting what you want? Is it control because you fear that a cleaning lady can’t clean your toilets as well as you? If you want to play big, learn how to pay someone else $5 to $100 so that you can do what must be done to Unleash Your Incredible Factor. I believe that we should focus our attention on IPA’s – Income Producing Activity and the last time I checked having to sort the mail, clean the toilet, even organize your desk wasn’t paying big.

When your Incredible Factor is in a holding pattern, it cannot produce the reward for those whom you serve. Take a delay that is not self-imposed as a blessing, sit peacefully and clarify your purpose and intent of what to do when the delay is over. And more importantly REST. Most of you work too much anyway, so a few minutes with no plans might actually lead to a mindset shift that can make the time you are working more productive…how would more productivity enhance your Incredible Factor?

If the delay is self-imposed, seek help immendiately. Find out what is causing the holding pattern. Regardless of its intent, a coach will be able to refocus your energy to lift the delay and get you back on your way to fulfilling your purpose and serving others with your gift.

Be Incredible,

Darnyelle A. Jervey is a certified life and business coach committed to imparting skills and strategies to define and unleash the Incredible in the lives of those who are sick and tired of playing small, after big results in life and business. For more information on How to Use Your Incredible Factor To Quantum Leap in Life & Business, visit for a FREE audio download of Darnyelle’s high-content, high-value CD.

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