It’s On the Other Side – Darnyelle A. Jervey, Speaker, Coach, Author

“Everything you want is on the otherside of what you REFUSE to do to bring it into your life.”

I’m serious, think about that. No matter what it is that you keep hoping,wishing and praying you had in your life, there’s is something stopping you from having it…YOU. Don’t get offended by what I’m saying, if you are honest with yourself, you know I’m telling the truth!

We are the impetus that prevents us from having the life we want. Yes. Don’t believe me, here’s an example…I’m telling on myself.

I wanted my business to be a success, to get booked to travel around the country speaking into the lives and hearts of women since my company started in late 2007 BUT I thought that I could make it happen all by myself. Like I’m this grand and wonderful thing and I had all the answers….sound familiar? Well, let me burst your bubble like I had mine burst. EVERYTHING I WANTED WAS ON THE OTHER SIDE OF WHAT I REFUSED TO DO TO GET IT – I REFUSED TO INVEST IN MYSELF.

Are you refusing to do the same?

No (wo)man is an island. We can’t do it ourselves. You may be great. I’m not taking that from you. But we can always learn from someone who is actively doing what we desire to do. Don’t be asking for hand outs either, Invest in them. Fill their cup as they pour into you. I had to be willing to invest in a coach to help me to refine my strategies, solidify my brand and market to my 1 ideal customer. I was naive and dare I say ignorant enough to believe that I had the golden nugget, that I could make it happen for me all by myself. My mindset was jacked up, my heart wasn’t in the right place and my approach – not Incredible! I thought, “why should I spend my hard earned money on someone else. I’m good, they can’t teach me anything.”

Quickly put back in my place by God in prayer AND no bookings, sales, etc….after trying to understand why it wasn’t working and why the phone wasn’t ringing…I got out of my own way. As a result of getting out of my own way, I made a NON-NEGOTIABLE decision and hired a business coach and joined a mastermind group and started realizing it’s not about me. It is in fact about the lives that will be changed because I am operating in purpose with an attitude of abundance, not control….you see, trying to control the outcome on my own without the tools and skills to make it happen wasn’t helping anyone – didn’t you hear me say the phone wasn’t ringing?

Being in the presence of a coach, working with a mastermind, gives you what you need to get to the other side. Trust me, I know first hand. Getting and keeping a coach is one of the BEST decisions I have ever made in my business.

As I say in my book, Maximizing the Incredible You, “If you are the bomb but nobody knows it, you blow up by yourself.” I think others ought to feel the impact of your explosion. Don’t you? So….

What’s stopping you from getting what you want?
Are you naive enough to believe that simply because you’ve got it, they will come for it?
What messages are playing in your head, telling you that you can make it happen for yourself? All by yourself?

Turn off the background music, get out of your way and get the help you deserve to take your vision to the next level, get a coach.

Trust me when I tell you, everything you want is on the other side. Do it and come full circle, looking at, reaching out and touching everything you want because you DEICDED to go get it!

Be Incredible,

Darnyelle A. Jervey is a certified coach and professional speaker committed to imparting skills, strategies and solutions to define and unleash the Incredible in women. Her coaching program, Burn the Box is for women who are ready to stop playing small, after BIG results in life and business. To request a free consultation, visit

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