I’ve got a Problem with Your Incredible Factor – Darnyelle A. Jervey

Can we just agree to be real for a minute? I know when people ask you “how’s business,” you grin and bear and through clenched teeth you manage to get out, “Business is great, thanks for asking.”

Really? If business is so great then why oh why are you looking for a job? Why are you beginning to question if you made a sound decision when you walked away to live your dream? If business was so great, you’d have a consistent stream of clients, systems and back end infrastructure and you’d be enjoying more time with your family while money was deposited into your bank account each day. But that’s not what’s happening is it?

Since we’re being honest, let’s just go ahead and put it out there that you’ve got a problem, a big problem. And, if you don’t get help in fixing it soon, your problem will be you having to say, “What business, I work for (insert the name of the major corporation in your city.) We can agree that you are brilliant and when you share your products and services lives are changed. But the problem is you are a best kept secret for at least 5 reasons.

1. The first problem with your Incredible Factor is that you don’t have a clue who your ideal clients are. You are distorted and convoluted enough to actually believe that you can help everyone. And as a result, you have a problem. To fix this problem, you must create your ideal client profile and get clear on the RESULTS and BENEFITS, not processes and steps, that you give your clients. Your Incredible Factor solves a major problem in the marketplace. People cannot do what they were created to do without your product or service. But who are those people?

2. The second problem with your Incredible Factor is that you are not consistently marketing your products and services from a results oriented, compelling marketing position to your now identified ideal clients. You can be the best in your field BUT if no one knows it, you will be the best in your field without clients, income and freedom. Talk about a problem! To solve this problem, you MUST shift the way you work in your business. If you are not focused on working with clients and attracting new clients EVERY DAY, you want to start focusing on that. In fact, you should spend approximately 2-4 hours each day on your marketing plan, strategies and implementation.

3. The third problem with your Incredible Factor is that you are under-valuing it. That’s right I said it. In fear and lack, you are pricing yourself way too low to attract your ideal clients. So what you get instead are clients who drain you and frustrate you and make you think about just getting a job. In fact, if you keep going at the rate you are going, charging peanuts for what you do – which by the way is BRILLIANT, you will be back in the work force faster than you can say “defining and unleashing your Incredible Factor.”

4. Another problem with your Incredible Factor is that you’ve been duped into believing you should be doing everything that must be done in your business yourself. You think that because you can’t afford it, you should just do it, right. WRONG. You can’t afford not to create systems, delegate and outsource if you truly want to grow. To fix this problem, you must begin to delegate everything that does not earn your money, period. I learned during my Mary Kay tenure that you should focus on what you want to get bigger. I’m not sure about you but I don’t want my filing cabinet to get bigger. I don’t need a bigger toilet either. If you can pay someone $10 to $80 an hour so that you can be free to go make $200 an hour, what’s the problem?

5. The last problem we will cover today with your Incredible Factor is that you are naive enough to believe that you don’t need to surround yourself with people who’ve already achieved the level of success you desire. That’s right, you think because you are brilliant, which you are, you can handle it all by yourself. Have you read Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill? He followed 500 millionaires to learn the success habits that they employed. You know what one of the common denominators was? They all had high level mentors and “coaches” and mastermind groups to keep them focused, on track and to stretch themselves to reach a new level. To solve this problem, get out of your own way. Your Incredible Factor AND all the lives you were created to change will continue to suffer if you don’t solve your problem. You become like the 5 people with whom you spend your time. Your seed is growing in an environment that may very well be stunting its growth. Kill the weeds (Incredible SNATCHERS) and put down more fertilizer (Mastermind groups and coaches)

So now that I’ve told you the problem I have with you, what are you going to do about it? To apply for a get acquainted session to learn how I can solve all of these problems and ones you didn’t even realize you have, visit https://www.incredibleoneenterprises.com/coaching_consult_form.

Another way you can solve these problems is to get your hands on my new Home Study System, From Passion to Profit featuring the Leverage Your Incredible Factor System. It is 10 proven steps to give you mindset, marketing, systems and empowerment strategy to turn your passion into a sure enough profit so that you can enjoy the life your Incredible Factor was created to live. For more details, visit http://www.passiontoprofitcourse.com

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