What I Learned This Year in My Business: Always Be a Gift

giftIn this special month of Incredible Factor TV, I am not taking questions.  Instead, I am sharing my top five lessons from 2014, a ground-breaking year at Incredible One Enterprises. I’ve gone from 25 to 125 clients and no employees to 5 – yes, it’s been a year!

So for a quick review of my lessons in 2014:

1. Don’t just think big, plan big.
2. Build a team.
3. Stay consistent.

Now, for lesson number four…

When you build your business and think like a gift giver at all times, the rewards are both financial and spiritual. Well, at least that is my story.  One of the reasons I can say that this has been a banner year is because I act, think and live as a gift.  You see, I am crystal clear that what I do changes lives and ushers in transformation.  So, when I think about it from that vantage point, it’s easy for me to give – great content, tremendous value and actual gifts so that my clients feel Incredible. 🙂

Check out this week’s episode of Incredible Factor TV to learn more about my fourth lesson of the year:

If you want to shift the trajectory of your business in 2015, start operating as an experiential marketer and give your clients and prospects the gift of experiencing your brilliance every chance you can!  I bet you it will change everything for you like it has for me.

Your assignment:  Take a few moments this week and think about how you currently render your service to your clients.  How can you adopt this “gift” philosophy and as a result invite more clients to experience your gifts? How can you leverage this strategy in your own business?  I can’t wait to hear you share your two cents with us!

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