What I Learned This Year in My Business: Stay Consistent

keyIn this special month of Incredible Factor TV, I am not taking questions.  Instead, I am sharing my top five lessons from 2014, a ground breaking year at Incredible One Enterprises. I’ve gone from 25 to 125 clients and no employees to 5 – yes, it’s been a year.  Last week, I talked briefly about the shift from Solopreneur to CEO that I’ve undergone.  Did you miss it?  Check it out now.

Now, for lesson number three…

At the end of the day, I can pinpoint almost all of my success to one word: consistent.   As an example, for the last four years, I have offered you one video a week sharing a tip, advice, answering a question each and every week.  This is just one example of the consistency at work in my business.  Because of it, we have been offered many opportunities.

Check out this week’s episode of Incredible Factor TV to learn more about my third lesson of the year:

In the business building process (and as an entrepreneur) it’s so easy to start and stop tons of things.  But I caution you.  It may take more than one try at something to validate that it’s viable and if you move on too soon, you may be setting yourself up from delayed success.  So, my recommendation is to become consistent.

Your assignment:  Determine one thing you can do each week in your business that will increase your exposure, drive new opportunities and add value to those you serve.  Share it with me in the comments – I can’t wait to support you and stand in agreement for your commitment to consistency.

And when you think about NOT being consistent, remember:

You cannot market once and expect it to rain dead presidents in your business.

An overnight success takes 7-10 years of consistency to “arrive.”

85% quit after the first attempt to do anything.

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