Million-Dollar Moves: Crafting Your Business Assets To Scale & Sustain Your Business

From Solopreneur to a Thriving Business – Make Your Move to Millions

Hey Million Dollar CEOs in the Making,

Let me keep it real – making that leap from a six-figure business to making millions isn’t just a walk in the park. It will take clear strategy, intentional surrender and so much more. You want the millions? Here’s that gentle nudge and some insight to bridge any gaps holding you back.

Gap Analysis: Where Million Dollar Dreams Get Stuck

Much like my example above, one common hurdle I’ve noticed across boardrooms and team meetings is what we affectionately dub the ‘message to market disconnect’. Ever felt like the noisy market just can’t sync up with your brand’s cadence? That’s the gap – and it’s more common than you think.

Imagine your market is a pie chart. There’s a sliver that adores your product or service (3%), a slice considering your offer (7%), and a significant share (30%) know you exist for a rainy day. But here’s the kicker: a whoppin’ 60% of the pie is either clueless about your greatness or simply uninterested.

Too many entrepreneurs focus on that tiny adoring sliver, neglecting the much larger portion that just needs a little wooing – let’s call this the SPICY opportunity!

SPICE Up Your Messaging

Your messaging should be focused around Specific, Pervasive, Insurmountable, Clear, and Expensive pain points and problems. You should be able to turn heads and move hearts with SPICE Messaging. It’s all about tapping into those emotional (93%) and logical (7%) sides of your future clients.

Think of it this way: if your message doesn’t pull at the nerves of your ideal clients, they are more than likely just seeing you in passing. They don’t actually notice you. If we can create that perfect SPICE message to attract your ideal client that focuses on clarity, conciseness, confidence, and a little bit of contrarian spice – that’s your ticket.

The Suite Life of Leveraging and Scaling

If you’re been a part of my circle, you know how important it is to have a game plan with a focus on your million dollar assets. Including your Messaging Suite, Offer Suite, and Business Success Formula aka Marketing Suite and Sales Suite. But we have added three more! Introducing the Success Mindset Suite, Spiritual Alignment Suite, and the Self-Care Suite – these are the keys to unlock a business that operates with abundance and integrity.

Each suite answers these questions – How to grow without growing pains? How to stay spiritually grounded in chaos? How to keep your wellbeing on track while your business takes off? These aren’t just answers; they’re game changers, the type that transforms businesses and lives.

Self-care and spiritual grounding aren’t just fancy spa words; they’re non-negotiables. Without a solid self-care strategy, your million-dollar dreams can slip through the cracks of your next level. So let’s make it a personal responsibility to focus on the things that elevate our business.

To learn more about the Million Dollar Assets, check out this week’s episode on the Move to Millions Podcast at 

This May we will be continuing on exploration of how to leverage the assets into a million dollar or more business at Move to Millions Live. If you’re finally ready to position and prepare your business to cross the million-dollar mark, there is no better place to get a leg up. Millions aren’t just a number; they’re your legacy, your destiny. It’s time to make your move.

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