Mindset for Millions

“If you believe that you must work hard in order o deserve the money that comes to you, then money cannot come to you unless you work hard. Financial success or any other kind of success does not require hard work.  It does require alignment of thought.”  Abraham

If you’re millions minded, your mindset will determine how long it takes you to make the move to millions.

95% of your success is tied to the six inches between your ears and until you work on the six inches between your ears you won’t feel seven figures between your fingers. To get million sin your bank account you’ll have to spend time each day on your success mindset – it’s so important that we made it part of our Move to Millions Framework!

I am often sharing that each of us needs to wash our mind like we wash our behind (yes, we need to do mindset work on a daily basis.) Researchers say that the average person has 60,000 thought a day and 95% or 57,000 of them are subconscious.  If you want to shift your reality, you have to get more conscious around what you’re thinking and focusing on.  Be in in your business or just in life, this adjustment is the key to achieving more of what you really desire.

In the first 20 minutes of each new day, taking the time to set some clear intentions, visualize what you desire and ask God and His abundance universe to serve you, you can make poignant shifts that can change your life!  In my first 20 minutes, here are some of the key mindsets and mantras I speak over myself to influence my day successfully!

I was created in the image and likeness of God.  Until you see yourself the way God has always seen you – worthy, like Him, you will continue to stumble financially and well as spiritually.  When God created you, He was showing the world what incredible looks like.  And to be created in His image means you have dominion and power too.  Own it.

I deserve abundance.  Here’s the thing.  If you don’t believe you deserve it, you’ll never earn or experience it.  I know that the stories you’ve been telling yourself are holding you captive.  But you have to tell yourself a different story.  No matter where you’re from, what you’ve gone through, etc you are still deserving of abundance.  God created you that way.  And you don’t have to sacrifice anything to access it.  You have to DECIDE.  And once you do, all of the universe will rearrange itself to bring you what you decided.

I am wealth, abundance and joy.  This is one of my favorites from a book called a Happy Pocket Full of Money.  Long before it was my reality, I believed it and spoke it consistently over myself.  There is life in the words you speak.  And as you speak, you give commands to God and the universe to respond to.  So, this is why speaking this over yourself is so important.  If you’ve been making casual covenants that haven’t been serving you focus on what you want and watch the shift change everything.

I am a magnet for more of the things I desire.  In order to live this one out, you’ll have to set your vision.  This is why vision boards are so powerful.  Once you set the vision, it makes it easier to manifest because you can clearly see it.   What do you desire?  Love, money, clients, a nice home, a nice car, etc.  It all starts when you realize that you are a magnet anyway, so why not become a magnet for what you truly want!

I am worthy of love.  For a long time, I didn’t believe that I was worthy of love but I am now crystal clear that I am worthy of love.  Relational love, love with friends, love with clients, etc.  Love is the highest emotion and we all deserve it.  By fortifying this belief in myself, I have attracted a life long love, a business I love, a life a life and such much more love.

I was born for this. This mantra is all about fortifying your confidence.  Telling yourself that no matter what you see, you believe that you are greater.   The fact is you are here for purpose, on purpose with purpose.  Never forget that. A slump or set back can be a set up for a comeback but you have to see it as such and treat it as such. We all have moments when we are succumbing to the pressure of the limiting beliefs we hold.  But it should only be moments.

My daily mantra:  My life is easy, effortless, rewarding and purposeful.  I am a gift to the world.  I am living my purpose and experiencing my passion through those that I serve.  Money, health and love flow easily and effortlessly to me day and night whether I am asleep or awake.

I hope you notice that none of my key mindsets have anything to do with my business.  It’s my state of being that will produce a business that serves me.  Always remember that life and business are 100% congruent and you’ll never have a booming business if you have a busted life.  Moving to millions starts in your mind and then expands from there based on what you speak over yourself each day.

What mindsets do you focus on daily? 

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