Pick My Brain? Yeah – Nah

“I do not offer business insight or strategy as a complimentary service.” –Darnyelle Jervey Harmon

Recently, I’ve been doing a lot of traveling and speaking at live events. And invariably, while I’m there, I will always run into someone who’d like to “pick my brain” over lunch. (insert Beyoncé’s voice) They must not know about me.

Pick my brain? Yeah – nah – I don’t let people pick my brain; it’s way too valuable for that. And, Incredible One, neither should you. In this episode, I am issuing a reminder for those of you who have been asked by anyone if they could buy you a burger to learn your million-dollar secrets. The burger stops here.

If you’ve considered letting someone pick your brain, you might have an even bigger issue. You might be struggling with understanding your value in the marketplace. Either way, if you’ve been wondering what you should say the next time someone asks you, you’re gonna love this episode. Listen in to discover:

  • The three powerful statements you MUST memorize so that you never have to be a pick-your-brain victim again
  • How to turn a request to pick your brain into a revenue-generating conversation
  • The real problem if you have been a pick-your-brain victim

Powerful Quotes From the Episode

“If you are allowing others to pick your brain there is a bigger issue at play.”

“Bartering will never grow your business.”

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